Wedding Wednesday: Birch Besserk

This evening I had such good vibrations intentions of putting together my first ever mood board, one for our wedding reception table decorations.   So of course I turned to Pinterest to check out my fave items and try to choose a style.  I was looking for one more item so naturally I turned to Style Me Pretty.  Have a mentioned how much I adore cruising the Style Me Pretty blog?  I swear I spend most of my free time on their site.  While I was searching out a decor picture, I came across the one…the one wedding that you could just white out the faces of the happy couple and insert your own smiling mugs into.  It was the wedding I had envisioned from the get go.  They had the style, the class, the gumption…you name it this wedding had it.  And the underlying theme of all the decor…birch bark.  They had birch bark vases with their initials carved out (original source here):

Birch bark favor tags (original source here):

And birch bark candles (original source here):

There was even a birch bark themed cake, which I’m refusing to share since it looks eerily similar to the one we picked out and I’m trying oh so desperately to not reveal every detail of our wedding.  I’d like some things to be a surprise to our guests.  But it’s so hard because I just want to share all the dirty details with everybody!  Okay…maybe not ALL the details.  But by all means go and check it out this amazing wedding here, which took place in Massachusetts.  Is it appropriate to Photoshop out their faces and put mine and Colby’s in?  No?  Are you sure because it sounds okay by me…and fun?!

On another rustic, tree related note (bear with me for a minute….I’ll get there).  Colby and I are uber excited that next week we get to revisit our venue for a catering tasting.  Ummmm…yum!  These two, self-proclaimed cheap-os are not only excited about the free dinner but also because we get to check out our venue once again.  Now that we have a good idea of what we want to do, how we want to decorate, etc. we’re going to be scoping out the place to figure out the logistics of just about everything.  We’re totally going to be the dorks at the event sporting a camera and legal pad.  I may even try to squeeze a tape measure into my purse if Colby will let me.  I kid I kid.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor guy.  I still want him to marry me.  But our reason for scoping the place out is that we (and by we I really mean me with Colby approval) have this is mind (original source here):

Isn’t that reception just stunning?  I dig the twinkle lights.  It gives off this amazing ambiance that you can’t get with regular overhead lighting and it doesn’t detract from the rustic charm of the architecture.  We can’t wait to go visit our venue once again to see it this kind of decor is feasible.  And as always, you know we’ll keep you posted about all the details of our upcoming catering tasting and we’ll fill you in on the menu we decide on.  Although I’m pretty certain we already have it picked out.

Pssst…Calling all honest opinions.  What do you all think of the branches/twinkle light combo?  Crazy?  Or cool?  I’m on the fence.  I think it looks so cool but I’m just worried about whether or not we have enough time at our venue before the wedding to really pull it off.

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  1. Jen Perkins says:

    I like the twinkly twigs. But I hear you about time and feasibility. I think it would be just as gorge-tastic with strung fairy lights if you need to take a bit of an easier or faster route. Then you still have a nice twinkle with less fuss. (And if you try it, and it turns out it happens to be more fuss, I apologize! 😀 )

    1. Angie says:

      Gorge-tastic! Love it!

  2. Kate says:

    Congrats on your wedding Angie! Glad you liked all the ‘birch’ stuff from our wedding – we had a lot of fun doing it all – if you need any details on any of the stuff that you liked, please let me know 🙂 I’d love to help!

    – Kate

    1. Angie says:

      Oh my gosh! You’re Kate…from Kate and Dave and the most amazingly awesome wedding that I can’t stop drooling over! All of a sudden I’m very conscious of my tongue…errr…fingers…in a very star struck kind of way! I seriously may email you tomorrow about the vases…the ones with your initials carved into the side. I’m very curious as to how you made them. Thanks so much for stopping by I’m quite honored to hear from you!

      1. Kate says:

        haha Angie you are too cute! Thank you! We got the pots through this website – I think they’re like $6 or $7 each, and also the wood burning tool which worked just like a pencil, even with a few different tips to chose from – although the smell of burning wood when engraving is pretty intense, I’d recommend wearing a mask or something over your nose and mouth – but the outcome was perfect! Just as we had wanted! I’m sure you could do the same for your wedding too 🙂

        1. Angie says:

          Oh my gosh…thanks so much for the info! I can’t wait to start working on these. You rock!

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