Goose Meets Laminate Floor

Today, one of my favorite blog commenters Kelly (seriously girl…I look forward to your comments every day) asked how Goose was liking the new laminate floor. So I thought answering her question would make a great blog post.  And what makes a blog post even more amazing?  Videos!  We took a couple videos of Goose running and jumping on the new laminate flooring.

To preface the videos, I have a few notes for you that should make video viewing more enjoyable:

  • We are HORRIBLE video recorders….HORRIBLE
  • Video #1 starts off slow but really picks up around the 0:50 mark when Colby initiates the “Goose Cam”
  • Video #1 is all about “Cookie Tossing”….I throw a cookie, Goose runs after it, Goose eats it….really riveting stuff
  • Video #2 is all about our German Short Haired Mexican Jumping Goose…he’s got some serious ups!
  • We find Video #2 absolutely hilarious!  We’re still rolling!  But I’m sure you’ll find it dry and boring (or maybe you’ll surprise us and love it too!)

Video #1

Video #2

And the point of these videos?  To show how durable the new laminate floors are.  Even with all the Goose abuse there is still not a single scratch!  But when Goose runs and jumps and skids across the hardwood floors with five coats of poly….well….that’s a different story.  Most of our refinished wood floors are completely scratched up.  Boo water based poly.  I have a theory that oil based poly will be much more durable.

Anywho…it did take Goose a few runs through the kitchen to get used to the new, more slick, laminate flooring.  The first few times he came barreling into the kitchen he crashed into the walls.  We’re talking hardcore, ass over teakettle crash.  And then when he tried to “take off” from the kitchen, chasing after the mailman at the front of the house, he completely skidded out.  I wish we captured those moments on video!  He has definitely adjusted and learned to take it easy when coming through that room for fear of wiping out!

Pssst….Learn about how we installed our new laminate flooring back here and check out the big reveal photos and kitchen to-do list here.

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6 Comment

  1. Kelly says:

    omg! Gooseman got some air in that second video, so cool! Thank you for answering my question, you went way beyond and above with the videos! I see him sliding some in the first video, but no worse sliding than on vinyl or even hardwood. He seems way more accustomed to it in the second one. I get out the laser pointer with my dog and he slams into everything trying to get traction on our vinyl kitchen floor. So funny!

    I do a little de-stressing at work by taking a break and going on my DIY blog circuit (very similar list to your Blogs I Stalk list). Shh don’t tell my boss. You’re always one of the first ones I visit, which is why I always comment. I’m such a nerd. Thanks for posting!

    1. Angie says:

      Hahaha! Thanks for being such a devoted reader! You’re secret is safe with me!!! You’re the best!

  2. Kim says:

    Love love love the new flooring! It looks beautiful. Silly Goose, he’s hilarious. Our dogs do the same thing on our flooring.

    1. Angie says:

      Awwwww…thanks! Don’t you love how it takes them a few to adjust to new flooring?! Crazy dogs! Do you have laminate flooring too?

      1. Kim says:

        It’s too funny watching the dogs slide into walls and not be able to get traction to take off running! Yes we have laminate flooring, we’ve had it for years now and it’s still holding up great…other then the spot where I dropped a hammer off the top of a ladder…oops!

        1. Angie says:

          That’s awesome how durable laminate is…something to look forward to. Ahaha! It was only a flesh wound!

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