Kindling The Fire

Is it appropriate to write about Valentine’s Day ten days after the date?  I know, I’m a little late but better late than never, right?!  Besides…I couldn’t resist posting about Valentine’s Day this year because it was oh so cute and oh so perfect.  I also should preface that neither of us is really cuckoo for Valentine’s Day (last year we celebrated it along with 8 of Colby’s male millwork co-workers who were in town for a training and it was a blast).  So let’s kick off the big V-Day post with the cards…let’s just say…I think Colby and I have been together too long:

Valentine's Day Cards

Our cards are eerily similar.  Wait…it gets better…and more creepily alike…here’s the inside:

Valentine's Day Cards

Both cards had pop ups inside.  Ha!  I should also explain my card a little bit since there’s an inside joke going on with it.  Last summer while we were working on our master bedroom, specifically when I was painting it, I fell of the ladder.  Not once…twice.  Thus, when I found the V-Day card with Ms. Puppy falling off the ladder, I fell for the card (haha…you see what I did there?!).  Anyway…our Valentine’s Day celebration was low key.  We exchanged cards and gifts (more on that in a moment) and cooked a nice little dinner at home.

Cooking Valentine's Day Dinner

I don’t know what’s going on with my shirt there.  The menu consisted of a risotto (which was sub par):

Valentine's Day Dinner On Wedding China

Did you notice that we whipped out our wedding china for the occasion?  It was the first time we’ve used it.  I wish we hadn’t waited so long to use the dishes because they’re fabulous and I’m mad in love…so much that you should probably get a little jealous Colby.  Now that I’ve gotten over my fear of breaking the plates, I’m sure we’ll use it more often.  Maybe next time I’ll make something that requires knives and forks, not just spoons….maybe.  I still have a fear of scratching them.

For dessert, I served up some peanut butter, brownie and jelly cookie sandwiches which were redonkulous (translation from Angie speak to English…epicly rediculously awesome!).  To make them, you whip up some peanut butter cookies, sandwich a gooey version of brownies between the cookies, slather on your favorite jelly…and BAM…deliciousness!  They didn’t last very long.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie Sandwiches

To up the romance from our usual dinner on the couch routine, we not only ate at the table using our wedding china, but also ate it by candlelight.

Valentine's Day Dinner By Candlelight

I had saved the blue spray painted wine bottles from our wedding reception centerpieces and reused them for candle holders.  I just had to shave down the tapers to make them fit in the bottles to convert the “vase” to a “candle holder”.  A cheap and easy transformation.  AND we didn’t burn the house down…phew.

And now to the good stuff…what we gifted each other:

Valentine's Day Gifts

Ironically, we both gifted each other something for upcoming honeymoon to Puerto Rico.  Colby gave me a Kindle Fire (hence the post title) and I gifted Colby a new suitcase.  Now…I’ve been fighting off the Kindle for awhile.  It feels like I’m cheating on my books and I love my books.  But since Colby gave me the new Kindle, I’m hooked.  I love that I can download a book whenever I want (no going to the store, no waiting for it arrive after ordering it online) AND I downloaded digital copies of all my magazine subscriptions onto it.  It’s love!  Now I won’t end up boarding a plane with four books and eight magazines…just the one little Kindle.  As for Colby’s gift, he’s loving his new suitcase, which came from Target.  He travels alot for work and had been complaining for YEARS about his two suitcases…one too big and broken…one too small and…wait for it…also broken.  Now he’s got a medium sized one that’s just right…and not broken.

And to conclude this blog post, I couldn’t help jumping on the “hey girl” meme train that’s been going around the blogosphere.  Here’s take 1:

Hey Girl Meme

Yup…I’ve done that.  Except that I ended up going with a taupe-ie gray instead of green.  And take two:

Hey Girl Meme

I would NEVER make Colby go with me to the craft store in lieu of fishing.  But if he offered…well…that’s a different story.  Haha!  So that’s our little Valentine’s Day.  Not crazy but just right for us.

Pssst…What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day?  Cook anything for your hubby?  A chocolatey dessert?  Or exchange cards?  I love holiday cards!

Psssssst…So I finally came into the 2000’s and created a little Facebook page for the blog.  I JUST put it together today so it’s still a bit rough, but be sure to go “like it” for new blog posts, Instagram photos, and more inside information behind the blog.

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