February Monthly Roundup

Oh you sneaky February monthly roundup!  You snuck up on me like a stalker in slippers!  I would say that “I can’t believe February went by so fast,” but of course it did…duh…it’s a short month.  Nobody says “duh” anymore.  I’m bringing it back.  Anyway…Colby and I like to take a moment at the end of every month to recap the month in projects/posts.  It’s a nice little breather from the DIY daily grind, and it’s always great to appreciate all we’ve accomplished every now and then.  It certainly helps keep the DIY motivation high.  So here’s our February roundup, in yearbook superlative style (totally Young House Love inspired…love them!).

Most Romantic:  The love letter banner that I crafted up for Valentine’s Day.  Note…Colby wrote that message on the chalkboard over a year ago.  I can’t bring myself to erase it!

Love Garland

Most Honored:  Me after someone out there nominated Angie’s Roost for the Apartment Therapy Homies.  I’m still smitten!  I didn’t win…or even come close to winning, but I did at least break my goal of 8 votes…and then some…even with my husband not voting for the blog!  What’s up with that?!  Divorce…I want a divorce!  Totally kidding!

Apartment Therapy Homies 2013

Best Ode To A Co-Worker:  The Succa-Please post which was 2% about planting a succulent-like plant in a ceramic shell and about 98% about how one of my co-worker’s favorite phrases is “succa-please” said with 100% attitude.

New Plant On The Entry Shelf

Most Tedious:  Removing the guest room sub floor (and all the subsequent nails) to prep for the new guest room flooring.  It wasn’t a glamorous job, or an easy job, but it’s done.  Check!

Remove A Sub Floor

Whitest:  The guest room after priming it.  All it took was a coat of primer on the walls/ceiling and it already looks like a room.  I may or may not have also channeled my inner Design Star (Stanley) in this post.  And could Design Star start already?!  I love that show!

Guest Bedroom Primed

Grayest:  Again…the guest room.  But this time because we painted the guest room walls a taupe gray called Himalayan Trek by Benjamin Moore.  And just for clarification sake, we don’t normally tack napkins up on the wall.  They’re just our accent color inspiration for the space.

Painted Guest Room & Accent Colors

Most Interesting Blogger Contest:  The Creating With The Stars contest with East Coast Creative.  I may not have been one of the 12 selected, but the competition was STIFF!  Go check out the participants…it should be an exciting month or so of creating with those talented bloggers!

Creating With The Stars

Most Gilded:  Glinda the Good Light Fixture, who was a $6 flush mount ceiling fixture that we gave a new finish using some Martha Stewart gilding paint.  Oh to have a ceiling light in our master bedroom…the simple joys in life!

New Master Bedroom Light Fixture

Most Unbelievable:  That we celebrated our 500th blog post!  Holy space balls Batman!  That’s alot of blog post writing!  Here’s to another 500 blog posts!

Angie's Roost 500th Blog Post

Most Pine-Ful:  Our how to install wide pine flooring post.  We continued the wide pine flooring from the craft room into the hallway on our second floor.  It was definitely a second floor game changer and the turning point for when it started to feel less like a construction zone and more like a put together home.

Lining Up Second Floor Plank

Best Use Of Vintage Hula Girl Postcards:  Hanging postcard art in the entry using removable, non-residue leaving, sticky putty.  I’ve had those postcards for years and ironically found a larger, metal version of one of the postcards at a local antique store, then made a little gallery out of them all.

Hula Girl Postcard Art In The Entry

An Even Better Use Of Vintage Hula Girl Postcards:  Making postcard ledges for the living room and setting them up there.  Now I love it!  The hula girl postcards barely lasted a week in the entry before we built the postcard ledges for the Winter Pinterest Challenge and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!  I’m loving the display!

Hula Girl Postcards On Ledges

Best Present Giver Ever:  My husband when he gifted me a Kindle Fire for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, which is really a belated honeymoon.  It was a gift for our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple.  Catch up on our Valentine’s Day shenanigans…well…not ALL of our Valentine’s Day shenanigans back here.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Most Likely To NOT Make It As A Rapper Turned DIY-Er:  Us after channeling our inner Vanilla Ice of the Vanilla Ice Project when taking some new blog header photos.  Check out our blog photo outtakes…there are some doozies!

Blog Photo Outtake 8

Most Likely To Be Arrested By The Cheese Police:  Colby…with his latest $#*! My Husband Says quote.  He says this kind of stuff regularly…he’s such a keeper!

Husband Quote 5

Most Functional:  The newly installed attic staircase.  It sure beats the rickety old ladder or hauling the stepladder out of the basement every time we need to get into the attic, which isn’t terribly often, usually just around Christmas decorating season.

Attic Staircase Installed

Most Addicted:  Me, to Instagram with our latest February Instagram roundup.

February Instagram

Pssst…Enough about us, what about you guys?  What projects or nagging tasks did you tackle last month?  Do you also take a moment to look back at all you’ve accomplished?

Psssssst…You can check out our last 1+ years of monthly roundups here.

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