The Shrubbery

“First you must find… another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery…”  What?!  We’re talking about shrubbery tonight on the blog so isn’t it a given that we whip out Monty Python quotes?!  Anyway…we owe you an update, or two, or three about the progress we’ve been making on our front porch ever since we ripped out the windows (with intentions of repairing them).  Since we snapped these pics of our shrubs back in late August, I think it’s time we got around to posting about them…and more importantly what we did to them.  So let’s talk shrubbery, and the overgrown shrubbery around our front porch.

Overgrown Shrubbery In Front Of The House

We had a bit of an overgrown shrub situation going on beside our porch.  The shrubs have been a bit on the overgrown side since we bought our home.  Fast forward three years and they’re even more overgrown than before.  So much overgrown that they’re growing into the house.  Case in point…the burning bush growing into our porch windows.  Why hello shrubbery!

Shrubbery Growing Into The House

That right there is one of the major reasons why we have so much rot and damage going on with the windows out here (learn more about our porch problems back here).  You see, when it rains the water drips down through the leaves of the bush.  That water then drips down behind the sill stop, pooling at the base of the sash, and the sun never hits the sill to help dry it out.  The bush had to go.  So out came the loppers and down went the bush…one branch at a time under Goose’s careful observation.

One Bush Gone

One bush down.  Which left us with two more to go, one evergreen and another burning brush.  The burning brush on the right wasn’t as big as the first one I took down, the one on the other side of the porch, but it was also planted too close to the house.  Same with the evergreen….just a bit inside (my favorite Major League quote).

Two More To Go

So I chopped down bush number two while Colby took the chain saw to the evergreen.  Apparently tonight is movie quote night…

Chain Saw To Take Down The Evergreen

It didn’t take Colby long to take down the tree.  A few minutes and swipes of the chainsaw to take off all the low hanging branches, which exposed the trunk.

Chain Saw To Take Down The Evergreen

Then a few more minutes to chop down the tree at the base.  Again, under careful Goose supervision.

Chain Saw To Take Down The Evergreen

And maybe, just maybe a bit of heckling from the pooch.

Goose Helped With Shrubbery Removal

This left us with a few stumps to take care of.  Colby did his best to chop them down with the chainsaw, but we still have a little bit more work to do on getting rid of them in their entirety.  For now we’re left with some small, nubby stumps that we’re hoping will soften up and maybe rot a little over the winter and in the spring we can get rid of them for good.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but mostly it’s shear laziness combined with flat out just not wanting to deal with it right now.

Cutting Down The Stumps

It was when I snapped the following pic that I had that “whoa….what did we just do?!” moment.  You know, that moment when you do something kind of permanent, you can’t go back, and it’s kind of major.  Like chopping down all your trees/bushes around your house.  All of our sudden, we can see the front of our house and it’s amazing!  Who knew our front porch was so large?!

Cutting Down The Stumps

And stump chopping round two.  Go baby, go!  For some reason, that stump scared me.  Maybe because I was painting the side of the house while straddling it and imagining myself tripping and impaling myself on it.  Great visual, huh?!  I’ve been watching too much Grey’s Anatomy.

Cutting Down The Stumps

With that, our house is officially exposed.  As much as I hate to chop down plants, in particular trees, it had to be done.  The bushes were damaging not only our windows but also our siding.  It’s really not good to have your plants growing right up the side of your house.  They really shouldn’t even be touching your house since the water damage they can do just isn’t good.  So alas, down came the trees.

All Shrubbery Removed From The Front Of The House

Since we’re approaching winter, yeah I said it, and our first frost is looming, it’s doubtful that we’ll be planting anything this year to replace the old shrubs.  But our game plan is to try and finish buttoning up the porch windows and maybe, just maybe, refinish the porch floor and ceiling while we’re at it.  But gardening wise, I’m already scheming of planting a few more hydrangeas and surrounding the house with them.  The trio in the front of the house have done really well this year and they’re just so pretty.  But who knows.  I have three six months of winter to change my mind.

Pssst…Any plant choppings going on in your neck of the woods?  Or dog supervision/heckling?


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  1. Oh, we have plenty of dog supervision AND heckling. No shrubbery removal nor injuries related thereto (“It’s merely a flesh wound!”).

  2. Your porch looks so open now without the encroaching vegetation. (Goose’s supervising and heckling did the trick!)

  3. Melinda Martin says:

    Reminds me of the time I pulled all of the holly bushes out from in front of our house. Had to use the car to haul the roots out! I can’t wait to see what you plant next spring! 🙂

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