Etsy Faves: The Holiday Gift Guide

I know this is probably a little late for most of you…okay…ALOT late for most of you, but I’ve been working on this post since Thanksgiving day (hashtag I kid you not) and damn it, I’m gonna post it (hashtag can you blame me)!  As a recent Etsy-preneur, making the jump from my steady, swanky desk job in marketing to the life of a handmade shop sole proprietorship, I appreciate (reeeaaaaalllly appreciate) supporting small business and other Etsy shops this holiday shopping season.  So I give you my Etsy Gift Guide 2013, with all sorts of goodies for the guys, gals, chilluns, and fur-children.  Without further ado….

Etsy Gift Ideas For Her 2013

  1. Pie Plate from Artet Manufacutre  So…obsessed…with this pie plate.  I can just imagine myself all June Clever-ed up in my kitchen baking pies of every flavor….apple…pumpkin…banana cream, OH banana cream.
  2. Bangles from Voz Collective  Wouldn’t the fashionista on your list love these bangles?  And check out the other fab accessories in their shop.  There’s no shortage of fabulous-ness.
  3. Linen Apron from Celina Mancurti  Swoon!  This apron is eco-friendly and hand screen printed.  Would it be cheesy to add that it was made with love?!  Okay…too far.
  4. Mint Earrings from Tiny Galaxies  These earrings are the epitome of classy glam.  Colby…hint hint…these would make a fabulous gift for a certain leading lady in your life…hint hint.
  5. Turkish Bath Towels from Cotton Bath Towels  These Turkish bath towels wick water like nobody’s business and are so much more compact (and colorful) than our traditional bath towels.  Give the gift of luxury…okay…too far again.
  6. Leather Tote Bag from Abizema  This leather tote hails from Ethiopia and is nothing short of fabulous!  If I was still a working girl, I would want this lovely lady swinging from my arm to and from the office.  Imagine the snacks it could hold!
  7. Gold iPhone Case from Comfort Zone Central  Give me glitter or give me death!  That’s how the quote goes, right?!  But seriously…how can you go wrong giving a little sparkle for one’s phone.

Etsy Gift Ideas For Him 2013

  1. Mustache Wax from Rex Organics  Movember got the dudes in your life rocking a sweet stache?  Have an inspiring Tom Selleck look alike?  Look no further than this organic stache wax!
  2. Beer Carrier from Bacon Square Farm  Oh my goodness my Guinness…is traveling in this awesome, handmade tote!  Carry beer in style in this reclaimed wood caddy with iron handle.
  3. Guitar Pick Wallet from Mesa Dreams  This classic and simple wallet is personalized with your man’s initials within the hand drawn and tooled guitar pick.
  4. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from Peg And Awl  Brown bag it and a sturdy, reusable, canvas bag.  Sandwiches never looked so good.
  5. Camp Stool from Robin Cottage  The vintage camp stool sports a handcrafted wool seat made with genuine Pendleton® fabric in a fab buffalo plaid.
  6. Ron Swanson Coffee Mug from Brian Mietz  Insert favorite Ron Swanson quote here.  Let me get things started….”Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless” or “Are you going to tell a man that he can’t fart in his own car?”.
  7. Golf Ball Markers from Doggone Tags  It’s like the mood ring of ball markers.
  8. Sheepskin Bomber Hat from The Sheepherder  Warmth, fuzziness, rugged good looks…are we still talking about hats?

Etsy Gift Ideas For Kids And Babies 2013

  1. Plus Blanket from Wren And Rumor  Cold got you down?  Pick up one of these adorable blankets for the holidays.
  2. Wooden Toy Camera from Egg And Yolk  Budding photog in your family?  This toy camera even has an interchangeable lens!
  3. Pallet Wood Toy Barn from Upcycled Woodworks  Have you guys seen that Old Macdonald Geico commercial?  With the spelling bee?  Kills me…every time.
  4. Rocking Horse from Friendly Toys  Holy amazingness Batman!  How adorable is this handmade rocking horse?!  It’s even eco friendly as it’s painted with chalk paint and finished with linseed oil.
  5. People Crayons from Ivy Lane Designs  I loved crayons as a kid.  All I wanted to do was color.  And crayons in shapes would have been the topper offer for my coloring obsession.
  6. Teepee Tent from The Teepee Guy  Ooooh…play teepees!  Fun!
  7. Baby Plate from Oh No Rachio  A hand illustrated baby plate to make dinner time just a little cuter.  As if those sweet potato faces aren’t cute enough already!
  8. Stacking Toy from HC Woodcraft This wooden motor skills toy for the babe on your list can even be personalized.

Etsy Gift Ideas For Pets 2013

  1. Cat Collar from Mogs Togs  These cat collars are made of super adorable, almost Hogwarts like, fabric.
  2. Rope Dog Leash from Grey Paw Design  These leashes are not only handmade but also hand dyed.
  3. Cat Cave from Inna Ganke  This adorable cat home is made from wool and provides a cozy little spot for your family feline to snooze.
  4. Dog Biscuits from True Treats Pet Bakery  A beer and pizza dog treat?  ‘Nuff said.
  5. Felt Fox Catnip Toy from Picky Chick Designs  What does the fox say?!  (Side note…if you don’t know what the fox says you MUST check this YouTube video out.)
  6. Leather Dog Collar from Saluki Feathers  Wouldn’t Goose look dashing in a personalized leather collar?  Me thinks so.
  7. Custom Dog Tag from The Copper Poppy  This is such a perfectly simple dog tag.  It’s a step up from the dog-bone-esque tags that you can get out of that little machine at PetCo.
  8. Dog Balm from Rescue Pet Products  Prevent cracked noses and paws this winter with an organic balm made special for pooches.
  9. Catnip Toy Mice from The Dots  Have you seen the Christmas Toy?  That’s my all-time favorite Christmas movie.  There’s this toy in that movie called Mew and he’s a cat-toy.  I loved Mew.  He was adorable.  And although he looks nothing like these cat toys, they remind me of him.

So happy (small business) shopping everyone!

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