Nursery Progress: Small Nursery Layout

Layout for a small nursery featuring a West Elm glider and Ikea crib

This has been an exciting week for us and nursery progress.  Like the bakery accidentally sent you home with doughnuts instead of the low fat, gluten free, dairy free baked good you ordered exciting.  Our progress excitement comes from the delivery of the last piece of our “big items” arriving AND four weeks earlier than originally expected.  That never happens!

About a month ago we assembled the crib and moved in the mattress, the dresser (changing table to be) which is a vintage piece given to us by Colby’s grandmother, and the final piece, our glider, arrived on Friday.  Oh happy day!  It’s the Graham glider from West Elm that we had upholstered in linen weave shelter blue, and it’s all I dreamed of!  I may have sat and rocked in it for the bulk of the afternoon after its arrival.  So now that the glider is here, we can really get down to business in here bringing to life our nursery design plan.  First up let’s talk about our small nursery layout and some of the challenges we’re facing.

Layout for a small nursery featuring a West Elm glider and Ikea crib

Before I even pulled the trigger on the glider, which was by far our biggest splurge for this space but oh so worth it, I spent some time with a measuring tape and some graph paper to make sure everything would fit.  Especially because this is one seriously small nursery layout at only 8’9″ by 7’4″ with two doors and a window to work around.

We ended up exploring three options for the layout of our three big pieces.  So let’s start with small nursery layout option #1, which is the one I was really hoping would work out.

Small nursery layout floor plan option 1

I really wanted this layout to work, mainly because it keeps the crib away from the window (probably my biggest priority) and is an efficient use of space.  But alas, the crib was about 4-5″ too long to fit on the wall against our master bedroom.  It blocked the door between our bedroom and the nursery just a bit too much.  I briefly thought about asking Colby if we could move the door over.  But….old house…vintage bedroom wallpaper that I don’t want to disturb.

So moving on to small nursery layout option #2.

Small nursery layout floor plan option 2

I also really wanted this layout to work and it probably would have if this room was just a bit larger.  It puts the crib up against the only solid wall in the room, tucks the glider in the corner beside the crib and in front of the window, and leaves a decent amount of free space in the middle of the room to move around.  Unfortunately, the glider is WAY too tight in that nook.  It leaves zero space for things like a side table (which I hear is helpful during those late night nursing sessions) and you know, for important things like elbows.  We even tried this small nursery layout in real life with the actual furniture in the space and it was an obvious no.

So that brings us to small nursery layout #3 which is the one we settled on.  It’s not ideal or what we really want for the space, but when your room is about 9′ x 7′, you layout the room the way the room allows it.

Small nursery layout floor plan option 3

The pros of this small nursery layout: plenty of side table/elbow room around the glider and even some space for a footstool, the dresser/changing table is tucked in the nook behind the door which fits like a glove, and room to maneuver around the furniture and easily tuck a baby into the crib.  The cons: a crib in front of the window which I was trying to avoid like the plague because of drafty old windows and wanting to hang curtains, and the inward swinging door from the hall/landing/staircase blocks the changing table and needs to be closed whenever the room is in use.  But you know what?  It works!  We’ll take it!  The convenience of having a nursery attached to our bedroom totally wins over the small space challenges.

So let’s look around a little bit at the small nursery layout in real life, starting with the view from the hall/landing/staircase door:

Layout for a small nursery featuring a West Elm glider and Ikea crib

As you walk into the room you’re greeted by the glider and the crib.  The dresser/changing table combo is tucked behind the door which is opened as much as possible before hitting the dresser.  We might end up taking down the inward swinging door and replacing it with a sliding barn door on the hall side.  But we like our old doors and don’t really want to take these old guys down, so if the inward swing doesn’t bug us too much, we’ll likely leave it.

Here’s the view of the small nursery layout from our master bedroom, looking through the other door of the room:

Layout for a small nursery featuring a West Elm glider, Ikea crib, and vintage dresser

The inward swinging door is closed here otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the dresser/changing table.  Our curtains arrived the other day but need some hemming before hanging so stay tuned for that.  But let’s talk changing table a little bit, since that’s one of our next projects for the space.  It’s easier to tell in the pic below, but there’s a beam in the corner by the dresser, which prevents us from pushing it back against the wall.  We intend to build a shelf sort of thing to fill that gap, making the changing surface just a bit bigger, and also securing it to the wall for added safety.

Layout for a small nursery featuring a vintage dresser

I’m itching to buckle down and really attack the nursery, especially because we’re getting to the fun projects like hanging curtains, building shelves for above the dresser, crafting cute projects, and accessorizing.  But I’m trying to make myself wait until after the holidays.  I have enough baking, wrapping, and holiday festivities to partake in to keep me busy over the next few weeks.  But we’re down to two months to go until baby girl Campbell arrives so let the crafting begin!

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10 Comment

  1. Beth says:

    So cute!! From one new Mom to another… you’re going to want the footstool 😉 And make sure there is a plug near the chair for optimal tablet charge, for those late night nursing sessions. I managed to watch my way through all of Gilmore girls before I started nursing in bed. The shelf is a great idea! My dad had an antique dresser he gave us that we used as a changing table and it always needed a little bit more room 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of your baby girl!! ❤️❤️

    1. Angie says:

      Footstool recommendation noted! Thanks so much Beth!

  2. Lauren Petrullo says:

    Love that glider!! Congrats on getting the big tasks completed early. Can’t wait to see the final product with all of its finishing touches. Great idea btw of waiting till after the holiday. Dec 26th = discounts on all returned holiday gifts!

    1. Angie says:

      Thanks Lauren! Hope all is well!

  3. Chris says:

    Angie, I haven’t had one of your posts in a long time. I didn’t even know you were expecting! Congratulations! I had been folllowing the renovations with you for a long while and didn’t even realize when your posts stopped coming. Had a lot going on with the parents, sadly, lost dad, and my daughter got married. But I love your nursery and cant wait to see pics of the baby!

    1. Angie says:

      Oh no! So sorry to hear about your dad! Thanks for the congrats…and hopefully we’ll be better about blogging and renovating a bit more consistently here! That’s the goal.

  4. Congratulations! How inconvenient would be be just to keep the landing door closed and treat that as a solid wall? Sometimes the extra steps to get into the room are worth the extra space, especially since you’ll be keeping her well away from the stairhall for a while.

    1. Angie says:

      We could close the door in the summer, but during cooler months the only heating vent for our second floor is out in that hall. The nursery gets really cold with the door closed, but we are exploring some heating options so that may happen too!

  5. Jessica says:

    Love the graham glider as well! Can you tell me, did it come unassembled in two pieces? Or did it come fully put together? Trying to fit it up a very narrow staircase

    1. Angie says:

      It came completely put together and wrapped up really good in moving blankets. The two delivery guys brought it in, up our narrow staircase, and into the room. It was tight, but they made it work!

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