About Angie’s Roost

I believe in the simple life.  Taking it slow.  Living life intentionally.  And that’s what Angie’s Roost is all about as we live the Vermont country life, slowly restoring our 1781 colonial, and sharing our stories about the things that matter.

Intentional Definition

I started this blog back in 2010 to chronicle the projects in our fixer upper home.  In the beginning it was all DIY and how-to’s.  In those five years we worked hard.  Really hard.  We gutted rooms, built furniture, and overhauled every inch of that house.  Both Colby (my husband) and I held down demanding full-time jobs (I was also working on my MBA at the time) while working tirelessly on the house on weekends and late into the evenings.  We let that first summer in that house slip out from under us as we worked away…always working.

Next thing we knew we were engaged and planning a wedding on top of everything else.  Then immediately after our wedding, started a wildly successful Etsy business that turned into my full time job.  Business was booming but I hated the pressure of a volatile income and working from home so I took another job, one that I wasn’t terribly crazy about, and kept the Etsy business going on the side for extra income.  At some point we both hit a breaking point.  We were tired.  We were unhappy.

Choose Happiness

At the time, we lived in town in one of the biggest cities in Maine and far from our families.  Mine three hours away in Northern Maine and Colby’s seven hours away in Vermont.  As friends moved away, we replaced time with them with house projects and growing the Etsy business.  We never felt lonelier.  We weren’t really living life.  Or enjoying it.  We were drowning in endless to-do lists that didn’t really matter.  So we decided to make a change.  We craved a simple country life.

Life Is Better In The Country

Before we knew it, we were packing up the truck and moving to small town Vermont, population 694.  We found our dream home within minutes of family.  A former sheep farm.  An old 1781 colonial full of history and charm.  While we still work hard at our new day jobs, now we come home and putter in the gardens, spend lazy days on the lake fishing, cook Sunday suppers, read novels in the hammock, and regularly entertain our friends and family.  We’re loving small town life and the slower pace we’re living.

I'm Slowing It Down

No more late nights working on a side business.  No more rushing through house projects on a flip.  We’ve found our forever home, the place we see ourselves raising a family and growing old in.  The projects we tackle now are taken slowly.  Intentionally.  Without thinking of the next buyer.  And we decorate it with the things that really matter to us.  The rocker that Colby’s grandmother rocked all her babies in, the coffee table built from wood torn out of our first home, and the wall hanging Colby’s grandfather brought back from WWII.  The table is set with a mix of my grandmother’s fine china and thrift store treasures hunted down like it’s a competitive sport.  They may not be trendy or in the best of the shape but we love them and they bring us joy.

Things Matter

Join us as we restore our home with love and intention, living the simple country life in rural Vermont.