Angie & The Beach 2 Beacon Road Race

Beach 2 Beacon Race Map

I would like to say that our first weekend back from Puerto Rico, we hit the house projects hard!  But no…despite all good intentions to poly floors, install door knobs and sew curtains, I managed to amount to nothing other than getting a new phone plan, baking cupcakes, and watching a ridiculous number of Downton […]

Video Killed The Radio Star

30 Before 30 Logo

I’m just going to get right to this.  I am WOEFULLY behind in tackling my 30 Before 30 list…woefully behind!  Out of the 30 tasks on that list, I’ve only tackled about five of them and I only have about five months left to finish the remaining 25.  Uh oh…crunch time!  At least my grad […]

Insta-Addicted: February

February Instagram

Hello Instagram monthly roundup time…so nice to see you again.  Before we dive in, I just have to throw this out there.  There was a definite theme going on with our pics…beer.  And I would just like to state for the record that we are NOT alcoholics.  Let’s just say that a cold, snowy February […]

Oh Christmas Card

Campbell Family Christmas Card 2012

Warning…I’m about to reveal our first annual “Campbell Family Christmas Card”.  So if for some strange reason, if ye friends and family of ours are out there reading this, and you haven’t received our card yet, you may want to avert your eyes and run for the hills. Drum roll please…”Joy To The World” (note […]

I Declare This Couch Open For Napping

New Couch With New Pillows

Another 30 Before 30 task is officially crossed off the list…the new “big girl” couch is in the house and the too small love seat is officially outta here!  Booyah!  Well…technically the too small love seat has been relocated to Colby’s shop aka man cave in the basement. Without further ado, I introduce you to […]

Ready Set Sale

Yard Sale Open For Business

And another 30 Before 30 item bites the dust.  The task…hold a yard sale. We’ve been planning on having a yard sale pretty much since the day we moved into the house and we FINALLY pulled the trigger on it this weekend.  After months of pulling “merchandise” we were ready and had a little free […]

Birthday Cake, Birthday Cake

Colby Being Weird

It’s official…I can check another item off my 30 Before 30 list.  Well…technically two because I also got married.  But I’m not officially officially checking it off until I have a bunch more pics to share with you all and a big recap of our big day.  But anyway…item number two to get checked off […]

Portland A Go Go

Portland Wharfs

Now that I’ve recovered from celebrating my 29th birthday…who am I kidding…it was a mild, nice night out with Colby, it’s time for a 30 Before 30 post.  It’s about time I tackled something off the list.  At the pace I’m going I’ll only have about five things crossed off the list on my 30th […]

30 Before 30

30 Before 30 Logo

Since the sanding and mud slinging continues in our bedrooms, and I don’t have much else to report on the home improvement front, I thought I would share another little project I’ve been working on.  You see…there are only 413 days until I turn 30!  Eeeee gads!  And honestly, I’m having an ever so slightly […]

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