• Antique Stores
  • Weird Things

    I can’t explain, I really can’t, but I’m attracted to odd, bizarre and generally out there items.  Case in point…my latest flea market/antique store find…an old wooden pet carrier. What is wrong with me?!  Seriously!  I think I need an intervention.  I truly need a wooden pet carrier like I need a kick in the […]

  • Antique Stores
  • Back To School…Back To School

    To prove to my daddy that I’m not a fool.  Wait…let’s start over…without a Billy Madison quote.  Here we go.  You know what’s scary?  Oooh…oooh…I know that one…sharks!  Or the Robertson family on vacation in Hawaii (not gonna lie…I’m currently sucked into the Duck Dynasty marathon that’s on A&E right now).  Nope…those things aren’t nearly […]

  • Antique Stores
  • The Big Chicken Barn Books & Antiques

    On many of our road trips to and from Vermont (home of Cabot Cheese, Long Trail beer and Colby’s family), we tend to track down neat little antiques stores and shops.  But when it comes to our own back yard, we tend to neglect it.  We live in Maine…which I’m pretty sure has one of […]

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