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    Windmill Art From Etsy

    This week has been one of THOSE weeks.  You know the ones.  The oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-believe-I-waited-until-a-few-days-before-quarterly-taxes-are-due-to-work-on-shop-accounting-and-year-end-stuff.  Never again…never again.  Now that I think about it, it’s actually been one of those WEEKS.  An Excel and TurboTax overload kind of week.  But it’s done.  I’ve officially maximized my refund and taxed my brain (pun 100% intended).  So I […]

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  • DIY Deer Postcards

    Kraft Paper Deer Postcards

    I don’t know what it is.  Human nature perhaps.  But these days, I have buckets of motivation to spontaneously rip down sheet rock to expose an old wood wall, a project that took nearly half a day and is still under construction.  But when it comes to doing a little decor project that would take […]

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  • Return Of The Map Heart Art

    Map Heart Art

    It’s the return of the mack map heart art.  And now I have Mark Morrison officially stuck in my head…awesome.  A long, long time ago we made ourselves a little set of map heart art.  We’re talking this was so long ago that my mom was just about our only reader on the blog (hi […]

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  • Livin’ On The Ledge

    Postcard Ledges In The Living Room

    Great…now I’ve got Aerosmith stuck in my head (you know…the song…livin’ on the edge?).  But it doesn’t matter because it’s PINTEREST CHALLENGE REVEAL DAY!  Apparently that was deserving of caps. You can check out my Pin-spiration back here, or more like in-decision pin-spiration since I had about a gah-gillion different projects I wanted to tackle…cuz […]

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  • Wedding Gallery Remix

    Updated Wedding Art Gallery

    You knew I couldn’t leave it alone…the wedding art gallery that was in the works in our master bedroom.  So we recently noodled away at it and took it from this: To this: Ahhhhh…I’m finally at peace with the gallery.  It’s perfect…ridiculously, awesomely, perfect.  The project was so un-Angie like, at least in terms of […]

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  • Shadow Of A Wedding

    Wedding Invitation Shadow Box

    Colby and I have been talking (ALOT) lately about how a great title for a movie would be “Shadow of a Goose”.  In fact, Colby is working on the screenplay as we speak.  So naturally, I worked it into the title of this post.  And how appropriately since we’re talking about a little wedding invitation […]

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  • Heroes In A Half Shell – Berkus Power

    Craft Room With Nate Berkus Shell

    Consider me a bandwagoner.  I hopped on and hopped on big time with the Nate Berkus for Target line.  I have definitely visited the Nate Berkus line for Target on at least five occasions.  Jury is still out whether or not the first visit counted since there was no Nate Berkus gear on display.  I […]

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  • F-Art (That’s Fall Art Not Fart)

    Gold Silhouette Leaf Art

    Just to be clear…we’re talking about fall art…f’art…not farts.  But if you did, I’ve got a ton of Goose related fart stories I could share…like about his jarting (jump farting) and snarting (sneeze farting), but this is a DIY blog, not a flatulence blog.  So I believe the word you are looking for is….anyway….Let’s talk […]

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  • Bark Art & A Coin

    Bark Art In Parlor Frame Gallery

    We ended last week by ripping bark off clay pots, bark that I had painstakingly hot glued to the pots and carved the pots with Colby’s and my own initials for our wedding reception centerpieces.  But I managed to salvage one piece of bark and had planned to frame it and add it to the […]

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