• Basement & Workshop
  • Workin’ It

    Colby never ceases to amaze me.  Seriously!  He’s known to disappear into the depths of his “man cave” work shop and reappear a few hours later with something amazing that he just whipped up with scrap wood.  What Martha is to the kitchen whipping up tasty confections, Colby is to the workshop.  Colby, I know […]

  • Basement & Workshop
  • Boys And Their Toys

    A couple weeks ago Colby and I visited the tool emporium…aka…NH Bragg & Sons (random shout out to NH Bragg….selling you industrial supplies and solutions since 1854…c’mon…the work of a marketing director never stops).  As always, we came home with something.  This time it was Colby’s birthday/Christmas present…a Dewalt compact portable table saw.  I’m really […]

  • Basement & Workshop
  • Man Cave Update

    Before pictures do not exist of the basement.  Why take before pictures of a basement?  What’s going to change other than a beam raised a little here or a storage shelf going up there?  Boy was I wrong!  Colby has taken over the back half of the basement as his “man cave” and is quickly […]

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