Live From The Man Cave

Opening Up The Basement

It’s Tuesday night!  I normally don’t venture into the basement…it’s man space…no girls allowed.  In fact, I didn’t even take these pictures of the basement.  I sent Colby down to do my dirty work!  Such a good boyfriend…err…fiance.  I’m still not used to that word.  Anywho, it’s about time we got to a little man […]

Workin’ It

New Work Bench

Colby never ceases to amaze me.  Seriously!  He’s known to disappear into the depths of his “man cave” work shop and reappear a few hours later with something amazing that he just whipped up with scrap wood.  What Martha is to the kitchen whipping up tasty confections, Colby is to the workshop.  Colby, I know […]

Boys And Their Toys

The Table Saw

A couple weeks ago Colby and I visited the tool emporium…aka…NH Bragg & Sons (random shout out to NH Bragg….selling you industrial supplies and solutions since 1854…c’mon…the work of a marketing director never stops).  As always, we came home with something.  This time it was Colby’s birthday/Christmas present…a Dewalt compact portable table saw.  I’m really […]

The Great Flood of 2010

Goose Running Through The Shallow Section of the Flood

As hurricane Earl came storming in we bunkered down in the house and worked on inside projects.  Although we didn’t get hit by the hurricane, it still made for a pretty wet 24 hrs.  Colby had good intentions of “puttering” around the house while I worked on the bathroom tile.  A little work here…a little […]

The Shelves That Colby Built

Kitchen Shelves

Storage solutions are currently being installed on all levels of the house, built by Colby and finished by moi.  The basement shelving units are amazing and hold all of our pack-ratted-ness.  The dehumidifier has also been a god send!  Moving up to the main level of the house, storage shelves have replaced the ancient dishwasher […]

Man Cave Update

The Man Cave Complete With Walk Out To The Back Yard

Before pictures do not exist of the basement.  Why take before pictures of a basement?  What’s going to change other than a beam raised a little here or a storage shelf going up there?  Boy was I wrong!  Colby has taken over the back half of the basement as his “man cave” and is quickly […]

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