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  • The Bathroom Game Plan

    Bathroom Mood Board

    It’s football season so a bathroom “game plan” post is oh so appropriate.  On second thought, let’s not talk about football.  Unless there’s a Monday Night Football miracle I’m about to have my butt handed to me in fantasy football Campbell v. Campbell III.  At least it (my butt) still looks okay in jeans.  It’s […]

  • Art I Heart
  • Intentionally Arted

    Windmill Art From Etsy

    This week has been one of THOSE weeks.  You know the ones.  The oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-believe-I-waited-until-a-few-days-before-quarterly-taxes-are-due-to-work-on-shop-accounting-and-year-end-stuff.  Never again…never again.  Now that I think about it, it’s actually been one of those WEEKS.  An Excel and TurboTax overload kind of week.  But it’s done.  I’ve officially maximized my refund and taxed my brain (pun 100% intended).  So I […]

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  • A Wood Tiled Mirror How To

    Wood Tiled Bathroom Mirror

    Last week, we played the big tease card and revealed to you our absolutely amazing mirror makeover.  It was a builder grade mirror that we gave the little West Elm-ish treatment to and turned it into something like this: But to fully appreciate the mirror makeover, you need to know that it used to look […]

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  • I Mustache You A Question

    I Mustache You A Question

    I mustache you a question…does Colby have something on his face? I was sifting through photos on my mac this evening, trying to play blogger catch up after the craziness of opening an Etsy shop has subsided just a tad, when I realized I missed a complete step in our bathroom remodel, specifically with transforming […]

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  • How To Make A Rope Shelf

    Installed Rope Shelf

    So I owe you guys a little tutorial on how we made that rope shelf that we revealed for the Spring Pinterest  Challenge.  And since I don’t like owing things, here she blows.  A full blown tutorial on how we filled that empty wall with a rope/scrap wood/pulley shelf in our bathroom.  I would like […]

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  • Pull My Rope

    Rope Shelf With Pulleys

    Do you remember the dancing banana/peanut butter jelly time video on YouTube?  Here is a refresher.  That’s what I get stuck in my head every time a Pinterest Challenge rolls around.  Except that it’s more like, “Piiiiin-ter-ist challenge time…piiiiiin-ter-ist challenge time…pin’trst challenge, pin’trst challenge, pin’trst challenge”.  You’re welcome…for getting it stuck in your head too. […]

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  • Vitamin In A Bottle

    Vitamins Stored In Glass Bottles With Labels

    Just call me Kevin Costner (circa 1999 when he filmed Message In A Bottle).  Except nix the “message” part and replace with “vitamins”.  And with that, I give you our “vitamin in a bottle” vitamin organization project result. Shortly after installing the first aid cabinet in our bathroom, which was also going to house Colby’s vitamin […]

  • Bathroom
  • We Got Hitched…Again

    Free Faucet From My Parents On A Two Dollar Sink

    And this time not to each other (been there…done that…maybe someday after I sift through thousands of amazing photos you’ll get to read about it too).  But this hitching relates to plumbing…bathroom plumbing…and how we cut a hole in the back of our Craigslist buffet find turned bathroom vanity and hitched up the plumbing. Teeth […]

  • Bathroom
  • Caught In The Undertone: Painting A Bathroom Mint

    Mint Colored Bathroom

    It took us a couple of weeks, but we recently took our bathroom from this: To this: Boom!  And might I remind you that it used to look like this: Double boom!  Any excuse to whip out that picture.  Man…our bathroom was a whole lotta ugly!  And cramped.  Opening it up and removing all the […]

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