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  • Blogiversary III: A Day In The Life

    Cleaning The Bathrooms At Work

    To wrap up our little “Blogiversary III” celebration this week, I thought it would be fun to do a little Day-In-The-Life post where you could follow me around for a “typical” day.  Air quotes typical because it wasn’t necessarily a typical day for me (Wednesday), which was a work day and a slow one since […]

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  • Mc-BlogLovin’

    Blog Lovin Logo

    When I first heard of BlogLovin‘ all I could think of was the Mariah Carey song Dreamlover…except replace “Dreamlover” with “BlogLovin’” in the chorus.  You know, so it kind of goes like this: “BlogLovin’ come rescue me, take me up, take me down, take me anywhere you want to baby now, I need you so […]

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  • 500th Blog Post

    Angie's Roost 500th Blog Post

    It’s official…yesterday’s post marked our 500th blog post here at Angie’s Roost.  Thus, Photoshopping my face onto a celebrity talk show host’s body (one who celebrated her 500th show with glittery numbers) is totally appropriate. That picture totally resonates how I feel about hitting the 500th post mark…kind of fabulous…a little bit glam (hello ginourmous […]

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  • The 2013 Homies

    Apartment Therapy Homies 2013

    We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you some breaking news from Apartment Therapy.  The Homies are back folks…I repeat…The Homies are back! And what exactly are The Homies?  Well…you can check it out for yourself here, or you can rely on my Reader’s Digest version of what they are.  Basically, it’s an […]

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  • We’ve Moved

    It’s official…we have packed it up and moved…to another URL that is.  Gotcha!  Don’t deny it.  You totally thought we sold the house and moved on.  Yeah right…we love the house too much to do that…well…at least we love it when it’s behaving and not sporting broken sewer pipes. Anywho…here is what is going on.  […]

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  • Ch-Ch-Changes

    David Bowie said it best, changes are in the air here at Angie’s blog.  First, I’m leaving the states for a couple of weeks to visit the homeland.  Yes, that’s right folks, I’m off to Russia, and thus, abandoning the blog for a little while.  In order to subdue my blogger withdrawals that will inevitably […]

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  • Welcome to my blog!

    Closing Day

    Welcome everybody to my blog starring me (Angie Bohovich) and occasionally my handyman, otherwise known as my boyfriend Colby.  I hope to update all my friends and family of the goings on in my life, particularly my new house purchase, our quest for a dog, and the other randoms of life.  So sit back, relax, […]

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