Blogiversary III: Blogging By The Numbers

Printing Block Numbers

As if I don’t get enough web stats and analytics during the work day (I’m a marketer by day and blogger by night), we’re gonna nerd out on you on the blog this evening with a little statistical analysis.  Wait…don’t go…these are fun stats!  So instead of marketing stats like average time on site, click […]

Blogiversary III: Progress Report

Craft Room Progress Take 5

Saturday night, Colby I went to Target.  And by Saturday “night” I mean 7:00 pm, after which we promptly went home where I fell asleep on the couch by 8:00 pm.  I lead an exciting life.  On our walk back to the car, loaded down with toilet paper, paper towels and the all important Goose […]

Blogiversary II

A Slice For The Birthday Blog

Happy Blogiversary!  Can you believe it?!  The blog baby is two already!  They grow up so fast (she says as a glistening tear rolls down her cheek).  And like any good mama, I made cake for the birthday blog: And yes that’s one of Martha’s domed cake stands from Macy’s.  I love, love, LOVE it! […]

Blogiversary 1: The Living Quarters

Before: Paneled Dining Room

Next up on the great blogiversary tour…the living quarters, minus the kitchen.  The kitchen is slightly more spectacular, ever so slightly, so we’ll save that one for its own blog post.  Here’s what composes our living quarters tour: the dining room, the living room, the grand staircase, and the parlor.  The parlor is actually an […]

Blogiversary 1: The Bedrooms

Before: Master Bedroom

Prepare to be completely unimpressed as the great blogiversary tour of 2011 continues.  Next on our behind the scenes tour…the bedrooms.  One is our master bedroom and the other is our guest room…I mean…closet.  Yup…we’re currently using our spare room as a closet.  But that’s ending ASAP! First, let’s take a little stroll down memory […]

Blogiversary 1: The Bathroom

Toilet Alcove

Next up on the grand blogiversary tour, the bathroom.  The bathroom was our numero uno priority when the house was turned over to us.  We had one month left at our apartment when closing day rolled around, so what better time to do a complete bathroom remodel.  And we can totally get it all done […]

Blogiversary 1: The Office

Office:  Before It Was The Office

Happy Blogiversary!  Well…technically the blogiversary was on May 16th but I was a little busy gallivanting around Russia so it’s a bit delayed this year.  I promise never to forget our blogiversary again (that’s what HE said).  So I thought to celebrate this blogiversary and all subsequent blogiversaries to come, why not 1) show a […]

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