How To Entertain A Goose For $200 Alex

Goose Post Cookie Tossing

Because…1) I’m exhausted after a really long and frustrating week (starting with an impromptu 14 hr round trip road trip this past weekend, 2) the weather is GORGEOUS outside right now, and 3) the Red Sox are on and KILLING IT tonight…I don’t really have a good project or witty tutorial to share with you. […]

Video Killed The Radio Star

30 Before 30 Logo

I’m just going to get right to this.  I am WOEFULLY behind in tackling my 30 Before 30 list…woefully behind!  Out of the 30 tasks on that list, I’ve only tackled about five of them and I only have about five months left to finish the remaining 25.  Uh oh…crunch time!  At least my grad […]

Garter Ceremony Video Uncensored

Man Hug

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post (it was boring anyway…just rug stuff) to bring you another little sneak peak from our wedding.  We got a cd in the mail the other day from some family friends that was LOADED with amazing wedding images.  Images and…images and…wait for it…MOVIES!  I’m still going through all the […]

Goose Turns Two

Goose's Birthday Bone

Can you believe it?  Our little dog child is a whopping two years old!  It seems like just yesterday when we brought the little pipsqueak home.  In fact, we oh so appropriately found the first ever video we took of puppy Goose.  We filmed it in our kitchen the night we brought him home.  Without […]

Those Neighbors

I’ve got nothing.  Literally, I have absolutely nothing to blog about this evening.  I tried thinking of projects I could tackle tonight and blog about but I keep striking out.  Instead of forgo my Monday evening blog post, I decided to introduce a little video written, directed, and produced by moi and starring Colby.  Without […]

For My Next Trick

For my next trick…I will perform the ever popular Angie-learned-how-to-upload-videos-to-YouTube-and-embed-them-into-her-blog trick.  Just what you wanted this evening…I know.  So remember back here when Colby and cousin Eric tossed our old, pink, cast iron tub out the second floor window?  Yeah…we got that on video.   And here’s a little flashback into the bathroom demo, an […]

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