Our (Belated) Holiday Home Tour 2013

Christmas Decor In Living Room 2013

As per usual with our holiday home tour, in the infamous words of Pops from the 1990 movie Ski Patrol, “I’m a day late and a dollar short”.  Okay, so maybe Pops wasn’t the one who originally came up with those words but he still speaks to me in a sarcastically deep way.  Anyway, before […]

Merry Christmas From The Campbells

Christmas Cards 2013

First things first…Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!  Second…it’s Christmas card time.  Campbell family Christmas card time.  By this time all our friends and family should have received our Christmas card.  So if you haven’t received it yet, EARMUFFS…errr…eyemuffs?!  Spoiler alert, we’re about to show the blogosphere our Campbell Family Christmas cards the 2013 edition.  So avert […]

How To Make An Easy Jingle Bell Garland

Create A Jingle Bell Garland

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg….  Sorry.  Not really.  I just couldn’t help myself.  When I think jingle bells, naturally I think of that song.  Which got me thinking about the origins of that song and whether or not it’s a “Maine thing”.  I just don’t know sometimes!  So I Googled it and […]

Etsy Faves: The Holiday Gift Guide

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I know this is probably a little late for most of you…okay…ALOT late for most of you, but I’ve been working on this post since Thanksgiving day (hashtag I kid you not) and damn it, I’m gonna post it (hashtag can you blame me)!  As a recent Etsy-preneur, making the jump from my steady, swanky […]

Christmas With The Campbells 2012

Bohovich Family Compound At Christmas

I just HAD to sneak in this post (a Christmas recap) before New Year’s day rolled around.  And by the way…happy new year everyone! Colby and I don’t live close to any of our family.  Our nearest family members are three hours away (my family) and his family is a solid seven hour drive (to […]

Our Ho Ho Holiday Home

Red Faux Bois Wrapping Paper

Timeliness has never been my thing.  Obviously…since I’m bringing you pictures of our “ho ho holiday home” the day after Christmas.  It could be worse.  It could be July.  But alas….decorating our home for Christmas was extra fun this year since many of our spaces (unlike last year) are in a somewhat finished, presentably state. […]

Merry Christmas From Angie’s Roost

Outside Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Angie’s Roost (Angie, Colby and Goose too)!  We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas celebrations as much as we did and got some extra awesome doses of family this holiday season. I couldn’t help recycling this pic from last Christmas, a recreation from one of our favorite […]

How To Make Natural Wreaths And Garlands

Mini Wreaths For Back Of Chairs

I know this post is WAY late.  The dog ate my homework…oldest excuse in the book.  By this time of year, you’re probably immersing that turkey in for a good brine-ing and putting those finishing touches on all those Christmas cookies for Santa.  But here at The Roost, we’re just putting together our Christmas wreaths […]

So Fresh So Minty

Christmas Treat Box Adorned With Cedar Clippings

One of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions is making “Christmas” mints.  What are Christmas mints you say?  Glad you asked!  While most ladies are slaving away in the kitchen making Christmas cookies, I’m dipping homemade mints in chocolate.  And the Christmas mints have a great story…it’s a doozy so here’s the Reader’s Digest version.  It’s a […]

It’s Ornamentary Dear Watson

Christmas Ornament Magnet

It’s official, I’m in the Christmas spirit.  AND in the Christmas decorating spirit.  I have no boundaries as to what I decorate (or glitter-ize).  This weekend, I threw together a quick and easy craft project to display our Christmas cards in a festive way.  I wasn’t really feeling the card wreath that I made last […]

Oh Christmas Card

Campbell Family Christmas Card 2012

Warning…I’m about to reveal our first annual “Campbell Family Christmas Card”.  So if for some strange reason, if ye friends and family of ours are out there reading this, and you haven’t received our card yet, you may want to avert your eyes and run for the hills. Drum roll please…”Joy To The World” (note […]

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Spelling It Out For All To Leer

Metallic Cardboard Letters

For all you Will Ferrel, “Elf” aficionados out there, I regret to inform that I’ve only watched said movie once this year.  Believe me…I’m just as disappointed about that as you are.  I mean…seriously…I’m not living up to that once a day quota of true Elf fans.  But anyway…we’re spreading the Christmas cheer around the […]

Etsy Gifts For Pets

Etsy Gifts For Pets Logo

I promise this is the last installment of the “Etsy Gift Guide” series.  Next week we’ve got some seriously awesome house projects for you, a couple holiday decorating/crafting ideas, and a big ol’ house master plan/to-do list (teaser…we had one of those epiphany moments the other day that if we buckled down and finished up […]

Etsy Gifts For Kids

Etsy Gifts For Kids Logo

I would like to preface this post by stating that no, I do not have kids so I’m not sure I’m mom enough to write this post.  But I did just fish a bone out of our dog’s throat so I have had some mom training.  My choices for this gift guide are more of […]

Etsy Gifts For Him

Etsy Gifts For Him Logo

Here it comes…another Angie confession otherwise known as “honesty time”.  Part of the reason for “Etsy gift guide week” is because Colby and I escaped to Portland this past weekend for a Smashing Pumpkins concert (which was…wait for it…smashing…har har har).  Thus, weekends away = a lack of projects and crafts.  So alas, I’m stalling […]

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