• Craft-mas
  • How Do You Get 105 Snowflakes Into A House

    Weaving Fishing Line Through Snowflake

    You take off their hats…no…wait…that’s popes in a car.  Hmmmmm…I got it!  Hang them in the windows and the lofty area above the staircase! To add a little Christmas cheer around our house, I took advantage of some dollar store snowflake ornaments and hung them ALL OVER the house.  “Take advantage” is putting it lightly. […]

  • Christmas Time
  • On The Sixth Day Of Craft-Mas

    Christmas Card Wreath

    On the sixth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, a card wreath hehe, hehe. I’d like to say that it was “so easy” or “a piece of cake” or even “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”, but that wasn’t so.  It would have been easier had I actually followed directions instead of deciding to […]

  • Christmas Time
  • On The Third Day Of Craft-Mas

    Pottery Barn Style Garland

    On the third day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, garland, kind of fancy: So I was completely inspired to do this project/craft after drooling over the fancy Pottery Barn Christmas garland.  I had to throw away my Pottery Barn Christmas catalog because it was a little water logged.  Anyway, it was this […]

  • Art I Heart
  • On The Second Day Of Craft-Mas

    Santa Underwear Sparkly Word Art

    On the second day of Craft-mas the crafting gods game to me, some word art totally sparkly. This whole art project started with a little “pin-spiration” from Pinterest.  I came across a pin with the phrase, “When you stop believing in Santa…you get underwear,” and absolutely loved it!  I knew I wanted to make some […]

  • Craft-mas
  • Introducing The 12 Days Of Craft-mas

    The 12 Days Of Craft-mas Logo

    As we embark on a new Christmas season, we (as in Angie and Colby, but mostly Angie) are about to embark on a brand new series here at Angie’s Roost.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement since about July when I came up with the concept and the name.  Without further ado, I officially present […]

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