The Twelve Days Of Craft-Mas 2011 Recap

Craft-Mas Day 4

  Now that the glue gun burns have healed, the glitter wiped off my face, and the perma-crafting mess cleaned up off the table, I would like to officially close the Twelve Days Of Craft-Mas 2011 series. It’s been a great run.  I’ve made alot of awesome things that I will definitely be keeping, and […]

On The Twelfth Day Of Craft-Mas

Joy Milk Bottles

On the twelfth day of Craft-Mas the crafting gods gave to me, the craft of joy oh so humbly. I have to be totally honest here, this project was kind of a trial run for our wedding, for table decorations at the reception to be exact.  I’ve been hoarding some serious glass containers lately.  From […]

On The Eleventh Day Of Craft-Mas

Poinsettia In Santa Belt Buckle Pot

On the eleventh day of Craft-Mas the crafting gods gave to me, Santa belt pots for Christmas festivity. So cute, huh?!  And they were so cheap and easy to make.  I know, that’s really becoming my mantra during the whole 12 Days Of Craft-Mas, but the best projects are cheap, easy, and oh so adorable.  […]

On The Tenth Day Of Craft-Mas

Wrapping Paper Garland

On the tenth day of Craft-Mas the crafting gods gave to me, wrapping paper garland oh so thrifty: And I ended up hanging the garland in the doorway between the dining room and the parlor (on both sides of the doorway). This was definitely one of those projects that ended up nothing like what I […]

On The Ninth Day Of Craft-Mas

Glittery Snowflake Mobile

On the ninth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, a snowflake mobile so sparkly! The best part of this project, it was essentially free!  Everything I used to make this mobile was from things I already had around the house or had used for another project.  The snowflakes were old ornaments that […]

On The Eighth Day Of Craft-Mas

Stenciled Tile Coasters

On the eighth day of Craft-Mas the crafting gods gave to me, coasters made oh so cheaply: And these puppies were oh so easy and cheap to make!  The hardest part was finding patience enough to let the paint and the sealer dry for the appropriate amount of time. And per our usual drill, let’s […]

On The Seventh Day Of Craft-Mas

Glittery Merry Christmas Sign

On the seventh day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, a “Merry Christmas” sign very glittery. Let’s zoom it in a little bit for a closer look: Isn’t it cute?!  I get all giddy and tingly inside every time I see it.  Oh…and it’s located in the entryway so it’s the first thing […]

On The Sixth Day Of Craft-Mas

Christmas Card Wreath

On the sixth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, a card wreath hehe, hehe. I’d like to say that it was “so easy” or “a piece of cake” or even “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”, but that wasn’t so.  It would have been easier had I actually followed directions instead of deciding to […]

On The Fifth Day Of Craft-Mas

Christmas Tree Paint Chip Art

On the fifth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, even more art, of the Christmas tree variety: And the best part of this art project?  It was practically free!  The only item I had to purchase to make this piece of art a reality was the frame, which of course I bought […]

On The Fourth Day Of Craft-Mas

Burlap & Ribbon Vase Wrap

On the fourth day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, burlap vase covering, so pretty! This was a total impromptu project spawned from my love affair with fake flowers.  Yes…the flowers above are fake.  I know, I know…cringe, gasp, ewwwwww!  I’m growing out of it, I swear, but I still have quite the […]

On The Third Day Of Craft-Mas

Pottery Barn Style Garland

On the third day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me, garland, kind of fancy: So I was completely inspired to do this project/craft after drooling over the fancy Pottery Barn Christmas garland.  I had to throw away my Pottery Barn Christmas catalog because it was a little water logged.  Anyway, it was this […]

On The Second Day Of Craft-Mas

Santa Underwear Sparkly Word Art

On the second day of Craft-mas the crafting gods game to me, some word art totally sparkly. This whole art project started with a little “pin-spiration” from Pinterest.  I came across a pin with the phrase, “When you stop believing in Santa…you get underwear,” and absolutely loved it!  I knew I wanted to make some […]

On The First Day Of Craft-Mas 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

On the first day of Craft-mas the crafting gods gave to me…a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You may have gotten a sneak peek of it back here when I dressed up our table for Christmas.  Ok…so I’m on the fence on whether or not this is really considered a “craft” but I’m easing my way […]

Introducing The 12 Days Of Craft-mas

The 12 Days Of Craft-mas Logo

As we embark on a new Christmas season, we (as in Angie and Colby, but mostly Angie) are about to embark on a brand new series here at Angie’s Roost.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this announcement since about July when I came up with the concept and the name.  Without further ado, I officially present […]

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