For My First Trick

Testing Three Inch Pom Poms

We’ve been out of the DIY game for what seems like forever.  And by forever I really mean about two months, which feels like an eternity by the way.  So I figured a nice and easy, dining room curtain switcheroo would be just the ticket.  Our dining room has been sporting a pair of plaid […]

XO Angie

Valentine's Day Glitter XO Letters

Badda bling, badda boom!  The first (pink) glittery, Valentine’s Day crafty project is in the books.  Love!  Literally…in the form of a some gold and pink glittery “XO” letters which are currently hanging out on our bedroom dressers. This past Saturday I had the house to myself thanks to Colby having to “do business” at […]

DIY Deer Postcards

Kraft Paper Deer Postcards

I don’t know what it is.  Human nature perhaps.  But these days, I have buckets of motivation to spontaneously rip down sheet rock to expose an old wood wall, a project that took nearly half a day and is still under construction.  But when it comes to doing a little decor project that would take […]

Love Letters

Love Garland

It’s officially February so I’m officially allowing myself to “think pink” as in Valentine’s Day pink.  Can we just take a minute to recognize the fact that I have NEVER set out a single decoration for Valentine’s Day?!  Strange huh?!  It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore!  Especially since I’m all about […]

How To Make Natural Wreaths And Garlands

Mini Wreaths For Back Of Chairs

I know this post is WAY late.  The dog ate my homework…oldest excuse in the book.  By this time of year, you’re probably immersing that turkey in for a good brine-ing and putting those finishing touches on all those Christmas cookies for Santa.  But here at The Roost, we’re just putting together our Christmas wreaths […]

So Fresh So Minty

Christmas Treat Box Adorned With Cedar Clippings

One of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions is making “Christmas” mints.  What are Christmas mints you say?  Glad you asked!  While most ladies are slaving away in the kitchen making Christmas cookies, I’m dipping homemade mints in chocolate.  And the Christmas mints have a great story…it’s a doozy so here’s the Reader’s Digest version.  It’s a […]

It’s Ornamentary Dear Watson

Christmas Ornament Magnet

It’s official, I’m in the Christmas spirit.  AND in the Christmas decorating spirit.  I have no boundaries as to what I decorate (or glitter-ize).  This weekend, I threw together a quick and easy craft project to display our Christmas cards in a festive way.  I wasn’t really feeling the card wreath that I made last […]

Oh Christmas Card

Campbell Family Christmas Card 2012

Warning…I’m about to reveal our first annual “Campbell Family Christmas Card”.  So if for some strange reason, if ye friends and family of ours are out there reading this, and you haven’t received our card yet, you may want to avert your eyes and run for the hills. Drum roll please…”Joy To The World” (note […]

The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer Is Spelling It Out For All To Leer

Metallic Cardboard Letters

For all you Will Ferrel, “Elf” aficionados out there, I regret to inform that I’ve only watched said movie once this year.  Believe me…I’m just as disappointed about that as you are.  I mean…seriously…I’m not living up to that once a day quota of true Elf fans.  But anyway…we’re spreading the Christmas cheer around the […]

Bats In The Belfry

Bats In The Belfry

The other night I had one of those “whoa” moments.  It’s the end…I repeat…the end of October.  What happened?!  Where did the month go?!  Or more importantly…why haven’t I decorated for Halloween yet?!  I’m wasting precious Halloween decor time here since there’s only a discreet window of opportunity for Halloween decor.  I hadn’t even crafted […]

F-Art (That’s Fall Art Not Fart)

Gold Silhouette Leaf Art

Just to be clear…we’re talking about fall art…f’art…not farts.  But if you did, I’ve got a ton of Goose related fart stories I could share…like about his jarting (jump farting) and snarting (sneeze farting), but this is a DIY blog, not a flatulence blog.  So I believe the word you are looking for is….anyway….Let’s talk […]

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