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  • Kitchen Renovation: Demo and Details

    I started writing a post to recap our kitchen renovation before and after at our first house, but after adding 40-ish photos, none of which I felt like I could part with, and 2,000 plus words it needed to be broken up.  Kind of like that couple you love to hate in your favorite 90s […]

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  • Everyday I’m Demoing

    For those of you who follow us on Instagram (and if you’re not you should…you’re totally missing out…hashtag shameless plug) you may have caught this little gem of a laundry room makeover: And I know what you’re thinking, it’s something along the lines of….”Oh em gee…what happened to your laundry room?!”  “Where did the metal […]

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  • Expose Yourself

    We’re fans of exposing things around these parts.  Well, let me clarify, exposing old elements of our home (sheesh…get your minds out of the gutter folks….although Colby sometimes…wait…I’m not gonna go here).  So when we last left off on this little ol’ blog of ours, we left with a teaser of sorts and showed you […]

  • Bathroom
  • Vanity Demo And A Primed Bathroom

    So we’ve shown you the progress we made with the bathroom vanity(a Craigslist buffet find, that we modified, and then painted Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore) but we haven’t yet shown you the bathroom progress.  Game day bucket go boom: We’ve been busy bees.  Can you tell?!  We not only removed the “temporary”, been there […]

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  • Down Undah

    This weekend was a whirlwind…wait…uh…no…not really.  We got snowed in this past weekend thanks to winter storm Nemo.  Neither Colby or myself left the house the entire day on Saturday, but we stocked up and prepared for the storm Friday night.  And by stocked up I mean we came home with a case of beer […]

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  • Boom It’s On

    Yesterday’s post was all about Eminem, I mean, prepping our bedrooms for demolition chaos and today it’s apparently all about the Ying Yang Twins because “Boom!  It’s on!”.  And by “Boom!  It’s on!”, I mean we completely DESTROYED our bedrooms.  Consider this the calm before the storm. Colby completely removed the window in our master […]

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  • Where No Blog Post Has Been Before

    By now you should know that both Colby and myself suffer from house project ADD.  We often jump from room to room and from project to project.  It’s what keeps working on the house fun and interesting…working on what we want, when we want, but obviously to an extent (we TRY to finish projects before […]

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