• Dining Room
  • Dining Room Painting And Planning

    I feel like kind of a jerk talking about our dining room makeover and the plans for that makeover (which is tonight’s long overdue blog post topic).  For our friends and family who have been to our house recently, like at Sunday’s Super Bowl fete, you know where we stand in this makeover process and […]

  • Dining Room
  • Dining Room Makeover

    It’s been a little while since I’ve written.  I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been busy crafting the next great American novel, or hanging out in Kathmandu waiting to lead an Everest expedition, or en route to Hawaii for an Ironman competition.  No…none of those things are happening.  Shocking, I know.  No…I’ve gotten […]

  • Cool Tools
  • Lime Up My Life

    When we last left off on this little dining room refresh saga, I left you with a “to be continued”…and had intended to “continue” last week…my bad!  But here we are today with the aforementioned TBC.  Without further ado, I bring you our freshly painted dining room chairs. Hello lover lime!  I went bold.  Just […]

  • Crafty Time
  • For My First Trick

    We’ve been out of the DIY game for what seems like forever.  And by forever I really mean about two months, which feels like an eternity by the way.  So I figured a nice and easy, dining room curtain switcheroo would be just the ticket.  Our dining room has been sporting a pair of plaid […]

  • Decorating
  • Here’s A Curtain, There’s A Curtain, Everywhere A Curtain Curtain

    I’m about to let you in on the deep, dark, inner workings of my brain, particularly with my thought process.  Women and small children, those who are pregnant or who could become pregnant should use caution before proceeding.  Officially consider yourself warned.  This evening…we’re talking about curtains with and underlying theme of my indecision.  And […]

  • Dining Room
  • Inspired Design Challenge Week 2: Urban Outfitters

    Welcome back Inspired Design Challenge followers/readers/general awesome people.  How was your weekend?  Mine was fantabulous…thanks for asking…mostly because we tackled this little Urban Outfitters inspired project: Boom!  New plant hangers for the dining room in your face!  Sorry.  Apparently I get a little excited about plant hangers.  Anywho, this week for the Inspired Design Challenge […]

  • Cool Tools
  • Graco Paint Sprayer Review

    One of the keys to finally finishing painting the corner hutch, which we revealed back here, was our investment in a paint sprayer.  I haven’t always been pro spray painting.  You could say that I’ve crossed party lines.  Sorry…I couldn’t help myself throwing in a little election night pun.  Consider yourselves lucky that I’m not […]

  • Dining Room
  • Another Door Down

    And the award for the longest, most drawn out project here at Angie’s Roost goes to…the basement door in our dining room!  Ding ding ding….we have a winner…come on down…the price is right!  The door better hold onto and relish its title while it can because the kitchen closet saga is totally going to overtake […]

  • Dining Room
  • How To Repair Old Trim

    We’re just going to keep this little “how to fix old stuff” train right on rolling through.  Yesterday we talked about how to restore old hardware and today we’re going to dive right in and do the how-to-fix-old-trim post.  But first, let’s say hello to our basement dwelling friend, Mr. Einstein, who’s hanging out by […]

  • Dining Room
  • My Boy Blue

    Blue!  You’re my boy!  Or should I say door.  But let’s back up a step.  We’ll get to the blue door in just a minute.  But you see, we have this basement door.  It’s in our dining room.  And one side of it got a coat of primer a couple years ago.  That’s it.  End […]

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