Pretty In Pink

Coral Mirror With Hula Girl Art In Entry

Tonight’s original post was to dish all about “how to hack a buffet to turn it into a bathroom vanity”.  But after yesterday’s March monthly roundup, and realizing how construction heavy it was (read…one serious lack of light, fun, and decorator-ie projects) I scraped the post-plan and am bringing you a little mirror story…a pretty […]

Hula Girls Coming Out Of The Closet

Hula Girl Postcards On Entry Shelf

When we last left off on the great saga that will forever be known to the world as “operation blue entry”, the only thing left to tackle on the to-do list was to add some art.  Since I’m all for working with what ya got, I pulled out a few packs of hula girl postcards […]

Succa Please

New Plant On The Entry Shelf

Before I dive into today’s blog post I need to explain the title and the associated Jeanne-ism.  Jeanne is one of my co-workers, probably one of the loudest, and one of her top ten phrases is “succa-please”. Succa-Please Passive-aggressive behavior at its most eloquent Colby:  Let’s just take one more lap around the Dick’s Sporting […]

Entrifical Force

Updated Entryway

It’s official…our entry is done!  And done with pizazz, otherwise known as entrifical force.  And an entrifical force our entry certainly is complete with some organization and Nate Berkus accessories.  Bam! Almost knocked you over there, didn’t she?!  I told you the entry is sporting some serious entrifical force.  Last time I say that, I […]

An Early American Love Story

Stained Vs Non Stained Bench

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!  One hundred thousand space bucks to the person who can name that movie quote (or that one).  But back to the seriousness, or as serious as I can get.  I just stained up the bench that Colby built and I’m in love! […]

DIY Rustic Bench For The Entry

Rustic Entry Bench

I’m about to unleash some serious words of wisdom here so everyone grab a pen and a notepad…bonus points if it says “I Love Lists” at the top of it.  Here is Angie’s no fail process to getting a wooden bench for your entry.  Step 1…find the most amazing rustic bench on Pinterest (which was […]

Deep Sea Diving In The Entry

Navy Entry

Now that all the Christmas and New Year’s festivities are behind us, it’s time to get back to our roots…The Roost roots…affectionately known around these here parts as DIY shenanigans.  Shortly before Christmas, Colby and I started revamping our entryway to make it a little more stylish and more importantly, a little more functional.  Here’s […]

Doing Time

Installed Board & Batten In Entry

The board and batten is up people…I repeat…the board and batten is up in the entry.  After a couple of hours worth of installation thanks to the boy toy husband, we officially have a board and batten-ed up entryway.  And I’m not gonna lie, it kind of feels like jail in there…not that I would […]

We’ve Come Full Circle: An Entry Plan

Entry Pinspiration

Lately I’ve been doing a decent amount of thinking…musing over the functionality of our house.  Especially in a small house, such as ours, where every square inch has to work overtime in the functionality department.  One space that I always question is the entry. It’s cute and adorable when it’s all picked up and cleaned […]

Painted Piggy

Fabric Lined Tray

And by painted piggy I don’t mean of the toe variety, but of the farm animal variety.  Put the phone down…stop calling the animal abuse hotline on me…I didn’t paint a real pig…I painted up a pig tray.  The tray was gifted to us via Colby’s mama…she…like Uncle Marcus also likes to hand down items […]

Enter At Your Own Risk

Setup Entry

Apparently floor finishing is my thing these days.  Like plastic surgery is to Joan Rivers and kid adoption is to Angelina Jolie.  We all have our things.  My kind of thing these days involves an orbital sander in my hand.  But I wasn’t without my reason.  While our entry floor is “new” as in we […]

Weapon Of Choice

Gross Gold Door Knob

I’m a big fan of tiny projects that make a big impact.  Especially if that tiny project involves painting.  Even better if that project involves spray paint, my latest painting addiction.  So what’s the fix?  Our exterior door hardware: It was old, gold, gross, and did I mention gold?  Ewwww.  Our weapon of choice?  ORB […]

The Anti-Hoarder

Salvation Army Stash

Until about a couple years ago, I considered myself a hoarder.  I’m not gonna lie…I was just a couple of elementary school nightstands and Barbie dolls away from a serious problem.  I kept everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!  Just ask my mom.  Most of my junk…I mean childhood treasures… are still in her basement.  I […]

Heed My Warning

Before The Paint Touch Up

Painting + high temperatures + humidity + noontime sun does not equal a successful front door paint job.  Trust me.  A few weeks ago, ok more like a couple of months ago, we refinished our entry door and took it from boring old white to front door red.  At the time, great idea.  Looking back, […]

The Red Coats Are Coming, The Red Coats Are Coming


First off, happy Fourth of July everyone!  I hope you all grilled, enjoyed some sun, and celebrated our freedom.  I certainly celebrated our freedom from those dastardly red coats by throwing on a few red coats of Valspar’s “Front Door Red” Signature exterior paint on our main door.  And I cannot confirm nor deny that […]

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