• Construction
  • I Wanna Stoop Baby

    I called my dad last week to wish him a happy birthday.  He turned older than dirt so a call was the least I could do (you’re welcome Dad!).  My dad is one of seven of my fans and never misses a blog post so our phone call quickly turned into a “what house project […]

  • Art I Heart
  • F-Art (That’s Fall Art Not Fart)

    Just to be clear…we’re talking about fall art…f’art…not farts.  But if you did, I’ve got a ton of Goose related fart stories I could share…like about his jarting (jump farting) and snarting (sneeze farting), but this is a DIY blog, not a flatulence blog.  So I believe the word you are looking for is….anyway….Let’s talk […]

  • Crafty Time
  • Easy DIY Burlap Wreath

    And another It’s Fall Y’all project is under our belts.  This time around it’s an outdoor project.  And I knew exactly what I wanted to do yet I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Does that make sense?  Let me explain.  My aunt texted me (see mom…people your age text!) a picture she […]

  • Decorating
  • Harvest Mantle

    And the It’s Fall Y’all festivities continue, this time with a fall themed mantle.  Now, since I don’t have a fireplace and thus don’t have a mantle, I had to get a little creative and decided to decorate the top of the shelf in the kitchen. And like yesterday with the fall themed tablescape, I […]

  • Fall Y'all
  • Blue And Orange Fall Tablescape

    First up on the docket on the “It’s Fall Y’all” fall decorating festival, the fall themed tablescape.  Thar she blows: When it came to putting together the fall tablescape, I had two mandates upon myself.  One…I wanted to have a harvest theme.  Afterall, this is the start of harvest vacation up in the county and […]

  • Fall Y'all
  • It’s Fall Y’all: Fall Decorating Link Parties

    It’s fall y’all!  And you know what that means?  Fall decorating!  I heart decorating!  Especially lately since many of our rooms are no longer renovation disaster zones, or RDZs.  It’s been fun to decorate each room for the season without working around missing walls, exposed studs, and particle board floors.  And what’s even MORE exciting […]

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