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  • Who Gives A Ship

    We certainly don’t give a ship around here!  I don’t give a ship that I’m up past my bedtime writing this post.  I don’t give a ship that our dog is acting uber annoying this evening.  And I certainly don’t give a ship that it’s raining outside right now.  What do I give a ship […]

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  • Down Undah

    This weekend was a whirlwind…wait…uh…no…not really.  We got snowed in this past weekend thanks to winter storm Nemo.  Neither Colby or myself left the house the entire day on Saturday, but we stocked up and prepared for the storm Friday night.  And by stocked up I mean we came home with a case of beer […]

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  • Hall Floor Re-Refinishing

    It’s time to put your thinking caps memory caps on, cuz we’re going back…back in a New York Groove.  What?!  Every good blog post deserves a little Kiss.  Anyway…serious time now.  Or about as serious as we get around these parts.  But do you remember when we refinished our hall floor?  The floor along the […]

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  • Rug Switcheroo

    So some of you super observant, sneaky sneaky folk (but surprisingly not my mom), may have noticed the new addition to our living room back when we posted about our little fall art project.  Yes, there’s a rug in town!  And by in town, I really mean in the living room.  Our living room was […]

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  • White Floor Challenge

    And we’re back in the master bedroom yet again for another riveting “where are we now” post.  When we left off on Tuesday, things were looking a little like this: Walls were painted, window trim installed and stained, and bead board installed and painted on the slanty ceiling parts.  Now batting for team bedroom reno…floor […]

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  • Goose Meets Laminate Floor

    Today, one of my favorite blog commenters Kelly (seriously girl…I look forward to your comments every day) asked how Goose was liking the new laminate floor. So I thought answering her question would make a great blog post.  And what makes a blog post even more amazing?  Videos!  We took a couple videos of Goose […]

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  • Mayday Mayday

    I’m sending out an international radiotelephone…errrrr…blog signal announcing our distress!  Our floor is peeeeeeeeling!  Our beautiful just finished floor that used to look like this just weeks ago: Is doing this: Those are dog scratches large sections of poly peeling up.  See: Floor poly film in hand.  Oh and did anyone else pick up that […]

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  • Enter At Your Own Risk

    Apparently floor finishing is my thing these days.  Like plastic surgery is to Joan Rivers and kid adoption is to Angelina Jolie.  We all have our things.  My kind of thing these days involves an orbital sander in my hand.  But I wasn’t without my reason.  While our entry floor is “new” as in we […]

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  • Hall Floor Refinishing Part Two

    After a long weekend of ridiculously amounts of polying the hallway floor, I’m super stoked to reveal the finished hallway floor. Well…kind of finished hallway floor.  There’s still the heating vent to spray paint and put back in the floor.  And then there’s that weirdly, light colored floor section that I want need to sand […]

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  • My Maple Mistake

    Lately, it’s felt like we’ve fallen off the DIY wagon.  It’s been at least a month since I painted anything, our house has been clean…like no dust kind of clean, and it hasn’t stunk like polyurethane.  It’s weird.  And oddly doesn’t feel like home without those things.  But we’re back in the proverbial saddle and […]

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  • Flor It

    A couple of weeks ago, I nearly accosted the UPS man as he was coming up the walk with this box: That’s the parlor Flor rug that I ordered (from Flor.com) a couple of weeks ago.  Remember?  From this post way back here?  Where we Photoshoped a bunch of different Flor rugs into our parlor […]

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  • The Great Rug Dilemma

    Remember when we posted about the new rug that we got for the parlor?  And how it was a major fail?  You know…because it was too small?  Well, we’ve FINALLY come to a decision about a new rug…well…a decision in the sense that we’ve picked out what rug we’ll be getting but we’ve still yet […]

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  • Rug Wronged

    I admit it.  Occasionally I do make mistakes and fess up to them.  I’m human too, although I strive for super human perfection most days.  That’s just my nature.  Anyway, Colby and I were just talking about an upcoming renovation that we’re planning for our master bedroom and discussing our attack plan.  During that convo […]

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