A Beefy Post About How To Build A Beefy Desk

Beefy Work Desk Built

Consider yourself warned…this post is beefy…to match our beefy desk!  I know…I got all (sarcastic) “original” up in the blog post title.  But it was either that or “A Series Of Unflattering Pictures Of Colby Building A Desk”.  Apparently I’m not overly creative these days.  I blame the heat.  Anyway…the other day we told you […]

Entrifical Force

Updated Entryway

It’s official…our entry is done!  And done with pizazz, otherwise known as entrifical force.  And an entrifical force our entry certainly is complete with some organization and Nate Berkus accessories.  Bam! Almost knocked you over there, didn’t she?!  I told you the entry is sporting some serious entrifical force.  Last time I say that, I […]

How To Fix A Broken Chair Spring

How To Fix A Broken Chair Spring

So let’s pick up right where we left off.  Yesterday, I revealed the new chair for the craft room, which was a remade $5 thrift store chair find. But didn’t show you how I did it.  Well, today we’re going to rectify that…a little bit…starting with the spring.  The chair had a broken spring, which […]

An Early American Love Story

Stained Vs Non Stained Bench

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!  One hundred thousand space bucks to the person who can name that movie quote (or that one).  But back to the seriousness, or as serious as I can get.  I just stained up the bench that Colby built and I’m in love! […]

DIY Rustic Bench For The Entry

Rustic Entry Bench

I’m about to unleash some serious words of wisdom here so everyone grab a pen and a notepad…bonus points if it says “I Love Lists” at the top of it.  Here is Angie’s no fail process to getting a wooden bench for your entry.  Step 1…find the most amazing rustic bench on Pinterest (which was […]

Potting Green

Potting Bench

In the recent weeks I’ve alluded to this awesome thing that Colby has been building me.  Well hold on to your britches boys and girls because the awesome thing is about to be revealed.  It’s done, we think (there may be future tweakages as needed), and fully stocked.  Drum roll please……….joy to the world…….drum roll……….introducing […]

Wined Down Rewound

Sad Single Bottle of Wine

This little project definitely belongs in the “2012…Year of the Nagging Project” category.  It’s the wine rack in the dining room.  Colby built it for me based off an old Pottery Barn wine rack design way back, we’re talking circa July 2011 (back here). The wine rack has just sat in it’s little corner of […]

Floating Shelf Foray

Installed Floating Shelves

This weekend we checked another item off the good ol’ parlor/office to-do list.  We installed some floating shelves.  And because I LOVE making you wait for the big reveal until the end, you’re going to have to sift through about a dozen photos and some relentless blabber about how we DIYed some floating shelves for […]

The Weekend Update With Angie

Officially Installed Desk

This weekend was a pretty uneventful weekend here at the good ol’ roost.  However, we did knock off two items on that right hand sidebar to-do list going on.  First off, I FINALLY finished painting all of the trim in the parlor!  Mini wave in celebration of me….wooooooooo!  And, Colby finished up the doors to […]

Poly Poly Oxen Free

Polying The Desk With Varathane

Poly like a rock star, poly like a rock star, poly like a….rock star.  So we’ve been polying like rock stars here at the good ol’ roost.  Well, technically Colby has been polying like a rock star while I’ve been at zumba class.  I heart zumba.  What have we been polying?  The desk top!  Eeeeeee!  […]

Desk Update Live From The Parlor

The His & Hers Desk

I couldn’t help myself.  I skipped  few steps in the his/hers desk & parlor makeover and moved in the desk.  I know I said I would wait until all the trim was primed and painted before moving in the desk, but after a super busy weekend and a lack of tackled house projects, I was […]

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