• Goose
  • Time Of Death 2:51 PM

    I love our dog, I really do, but sometimes he does stuff like this: Look at him sitting there all innocent and smug looking.  Yup…one of my favorite things in our house, my beloved orange lamp from Pottery Barn, is officially dead.  Time of death 2:51 pm.  And I cried.  Like, CRIED cried and then […]

  • Goose
  • Friends Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

    Since yesterday we started the “long overdue trend” with finally finishing the wooden bookcase that Colby built over a year ago, how about another long overdue switcheroo?!  This time it occurs in the kitchen…and with this sad looking dude. That’s an iPod dock/clock radio.  Colby and I are both big fans of music in the […]

  • Goose
  • Happy Halloween

    From Angie’s Roost…and Goose the bat dog. We’re spending the evening hanging around the house and eating all the candy meant for the neighborhood kids with full intentions of denying it in the morning when we hit the gym.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I may have fought a pint size Luigi and a princess […]

  • Floored
  • Goose Meets Laminate Floor

    Today, one of my favorite blog commenters Kelly (seriously girl…I look forward to your comments every day) asked how Goose was liking the new laminate floor. So I thought answering her question would make a great blog post.  And what makes a blog post even more amazing?  Videos!  We took a couple videos of Goose […]

  • Caught On Video
  • Goose Turns Two

    Can you believe it?  Our little dog child is a whopping two years old!  It seems like just yesterday when we brought the little pipsqueak home.  In fact, we oh so appropriately found the first ever video we took of puppy Goose.  We filmed it in our kitchen the night we brought him home.  Without […]

  • Goose
  • Mexican Jumping Snow Goose

    Winter finally, FINALLY arrived here in Maine.  Three cheers for snow!  We got dumped on with a storm this past weekend.  Now normally, when I refer to “dumped on” it involves a couple feet of snow…you know in the 2-3 feet category.  But for this crazy warm winter, “dumped on” is more like 2-3 inches. […]

  • Goose
  • Goose On The Run

    Contrary to popular belief, we’re not all DIY and decorating 24-7.  Honestly, if I could have it my way I would probably paint all day every day.  But alas, laundry, cleaning, wedding planning, the day job, and Goose responsibilities get in the way.  Oh and I almost forgot, Colby responsibilities, get in the way of […]

  • Goose
  • The Goose-Tacle Course

    It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Goose post.  Maybe that’s because Goose hasn’t been good.  Bah-da-bing!  But anyway, I discovered something this week and I can’t wait to share.  Before I get into the “something” let me preface the story.  Goose is a crazy dog.  We’re talking borderline need to institutionalize him crazy.  […]

  • Goose
  • Goose’s Pool & Day Spa

    So this past weekend was THE HOTTEST weekend we’ve had all summer.  We’re talking upper nineties and humid!  I’m not complaining….believe me….I loved it.  We just don’t get that kind of weather here in Maine so you gotta soak it up while you can.  I may have been loving the heat but our dog, Goose, […]

  • Goose
  • New Home

    Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a new home situation.  No….it’s not what you’re thinking.  We’re not selling our house, sheesh, there are still too many adventures to be had here!  We’ve got a new home alright but it’s a new home for the dog.  And by new home, we don’t mean that we’re getting rid […]

  • Goose
  • Older But None The Wiser

    Our boy Goose has officially turned one year old this week (March 22nd to be exact)!  And of course we celebrated…just not on his birthday since he was acting more like a turkey rather than a Goose.  For Goose’s birthday we gave him a present (a rawhide bone bigger than he is) and a cake […]

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