The One Week Challenge

First Round Of Guest Bedroom Makeover

The last three weeks/weekends have been a whirlwind for us.  First there was Chicago for a work conference, then there was a weekend in Connecticut/New York for a baptism, and this past weekend we hosted our first overnight guests, in town for the annual family reunion.  I like to think it was successful…maybe…okay…maybe we’re a […]

Hanging High And Dry

Installing A Project Drying Rack

Alternate title for this post “How $9.32 And Twenty Minutes Saved My Sanity And Prevented Me From Pulling My Hair Out During The Holiday Shopping Craziness That Is Our Etsy Shop”.  But I thought that might be too long of a title.  Consider yourselves spared.  But the nine bucks and twenty minutes was well worth […]

Tying Up Loose Trim

Adding Trim To A Bead Board Ceiling

Starting projects…totally my jam…finishing projects…not so much.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who is a stellar project starter but then lets them kind of fizzle?!  Anywho, I needed to take some “workshop” photos for our shop listing on Scout Mob and our Etsy office space was kind of looking like this: I […]

DIY Cage Light Fight

$11 DIY Cage Light Fixture

My current obsession these days has been all about the industrial look.  Who would have thunk it?!  Especially since I work full time in industrial distribution.  What I’ve REALLY been jonesing after have been all those gorgeous cage lights.  I love an old school looking, exposed light bulb, and those colorful trouble-light-esque cages surrounding the […]

Etsy Office Shelves

Installing Work Space Shelves

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you should do something in particular?  You put it on the list, have every intention of tackling “said something” and yet it never gets done?  You know, something like utilize the most perfect, rain free weekend to finish painting your porch windows because it’s (look for […]

Here’s A Curtain, There’s A Curtain, Everywhere A Curtain Curtain

Coral Threshold Curtains From Target

I’m about to let you in on the deep, dark, inner workings of my brain, particularly with my thought process.  Women and small children, those who are pregnant or who could become pregnant should use caution before proceeding.  Officially consider yourself warned.  This evening…we’re talking about curtains with and underlying theme of my indecision.  And […]

Where No Doorknob Has Been Before

Securing Installation Kit To Door

That’s right, we’re going places we have never been before.  We’re blazing a trail, bushwhacking it if you wish, and taking our Etsy office door from doorknob-less: To officially doorknob-ed: Yes, that’s right.  Tonight, we’re learning how to install a doorknob where no doorknob has been before.  This step is long overdue.  What’s it been, […]


Staining Faux Beams

Beaming is what my face should have been doing after installing the faux beams in the Etsy office.  But instead, it was doing the anti-beaming frown because it turned out more like this: I like the beams, they’re great, and they do a fantabulous job of covering up those icky seams between the beadboard panels […]

He Thinks My Tractor Seat Stool’s Sexy

Metal Tractor Seat Stool

When I’m chugging aloooooooong….oh Kenny…Kenny, Kenny, Kenny…you had me at hello.  Okay, I’m done reminiscing about old school Kenny Chesney songs and lyrics, let’s talk about stools!  As many of you Instagram followers of ours may know, the Colb-ster and I took a nice little 8 hour jaunt over to Vermont for an extended weekend […]

How To Lighten Stain

Desk Stained With Lightened Early American Stain

A few days ago we introduced you to the newest member of the family…the beefy desk. As we mentioned before, since the cheaper-than-it-should-have-been-because-it-was-really-wet wood needed some serious dry time, we let the desk air out a bit before staining it.  More like let it air out for about two weeks-ish before staining it.  I probably […]

I Wanna Stoop Baby

Industrial Stool Options

Here I go, here I go, here I go again, girls what’s my weakness?!  Stools!  Okay then!  What?!  Can’t a girl start a blog post with a little Salt ‘n Peppa circa 1992 around here?!  Oh well I tried.  Instead, we’re gonna talk about stools.  Just to clarify, the ones that you sit on not […]

A Beefy Post About How To Build A Beefy Desk

Beefy Work Desk Built

Consider yourself warned…this post is beefy…to match our beefy desk!  I know…I got all (sarcastic) “original” up in the blog post title.  But it was either that or “A Series Of Unflattering Pictures Of Colby Building A Desk”.  Apparently I’m not overly creative these days.  I blame the heat.  Anyway…the other day we told you […]

The Great Room Flop Of 2013

Craft Room Guest Room Flop

I’m about to tell a  little story, and not one of those stories where you have to find twenty dollars at the end of it just to make the story good.  I’m very familiar with those stories…they’re my specialty.  Except I usually have to find one-hundred dollars at the end of my stories because they’re […]

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