Jar Heads…I Mean…Hands

Use Glass Jars As Halloween Decor

A few weeks ago myself and a few other blog buddies were approached by Coupons.com to do a little sponsor post.  Don’t go running away because I said “sponsor”…this is a doozy of a post!  You’re gonna want to stick around for this one.  They provided us with Sears gift cards and challenged us to […]

Happy Halloween

Halloween Goose 2012

From Angie’s Roost…and Goose the bat dog. We’re spending the evening hanging around the house and eating all the candy meant for the neighborhood kids with full intentions of denying it in the morning when we hit the gym.  I cannot confirm nor deny that I may have fought a pint size Luigi and a princess […]

Bats In The Belfry

Bats In The Belfry

The other night I had one of those “whoa” moments.  It’s the end…I repeat…the end of October.  What happened?!  Where did the month go?!  Or more importantly…why haven’t I decorated for Halloween yet?!  I’m wasting precious Halloween decor time here since there’s only a discreet window of opportunity for Halloween decor.  I hadn’t even crafted […]

Urn All About It

Last week during my Halloween decorating woes, back here, I vowed to make something for Halloween.  Armed with an urn from Kmart scored for $1.47, I was ready to convert it to a Halloween urn. Seriously!  That was the best urn score ever!  Only $1.47…sheesh!  Back when I purchased it (in August mind you) I […]

Halloween Decorating

This weekend I finally got my butt in gear and hauled out the Halloween decorations.  Last year our house was a complete disaster so I missed out on all the Halloween decorating (and even Christmas decorating).  I did throw out some decorations on the porch last year but it was just on Halloween to attract […]

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat Dog!

The House In The Fall

Halloween is here and we celebrated and by we I also mean the dog.  Of course Goose HAD to have a costume!  Check out our bat dog in the pictures below!  Poor Goose! With every move I’ve made in the past I had expected to have trick-or-treaters.  I’ve always lived in residential neighborhoods and with […]

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