Inspired Design Challenge: Nate Berkus For Target Frame

Goose Butt Check In New Mirror

Happy first day of the Inspired Design Challenge everyone!  Are you celebrating?  Jumping for joy?  Eating cake as one should to commemorate such a fine event?  As for me…I’m resting my tired (almost 30 year old) bones because let me tell you, after completing this project in 90 degree weather and suffering a minor albeit […]

Return Of The Map Heart Art

Map Heart Art

It’s the return of the mack map heart art.  And now I have Mark Morrison officially stuck in my head…awesome.  A long, long time ago we made ourselves a little set of map heart art.  We’re talking this was so long ago that my mom was just about our only reader on the blog (hi […]

Pine Hard: How To Install Wide Pine Flooring

Hall With New Flooring

Two things…one…I’ve been watching ALOT of Die Hard lately (hence the blog post title) and two…we’ve laid down the pine flooring in our upstairs hallway and took it from this (a laminate mess): To this (a wide pine masterpiece): I’m not gonna lie, we tackled this project a couple weeks ago but I’ve been dreading […]

Hall Floor Re-Refinishing

Scraping Up The Poly On The Floor

It’s time to put your thinking caps memory caps on, cuz we’re going back…back in a New York Groove.  What?!  Every good blog post deserves a little Kiss.  Anyway…serious time now.  Or about as serious as we get around these parts.  But do you remember when we refinished our hall floor?  The floor along the […]

Bats In The Belfry

Bats In The Belfry

The other night I had one of those “whoa” moments.  It’s the end…I repeat…the end of October.  What happened?!  Where did the month go?!  Or more importantly…why haven’t I decorated for Halloween yet?!  I’m wasting precious Halloween decor time here since there’s only a discreet window of opportunity for Halloween decor.  I hadn’t even crafted […]

One Project Closer Before And After

One Project Closer Logo

Tonight, I’m switching things up a little bit.  You know, kind of like when Varitek (my recently retired favorite Red Sox player) switches from batting righty to lefty.  I’m hopping over to the other side of the plate, taking a little DIY break to look back on what we’ve already done.  I learned about the […]

Roped It

Rope Lamp Shade At Night

The other night, while Colby was away working at a construction show, I decided it was high time for some craftiness.  We’re talking a serious impulse craft project going on here.  I had a mess of leftover rope from the CD crate project and a boring lampshade that was attached to the hallway light fixture […]

Mayday Mayday

Piece of Poly Peeled Up

I’m sending out an international radiotelephone…errrrr…blog signal announcing our distress!  Our floor is peeeeeeeeling!  Our beautiful just finished floor that used to look like this just weeks ago: Is doing this: Those are dog scratches large sections of poly peeling up.  See: Floor poly film in hand.  Oh and did anyone else pick up that […]

Hall Floor Refinishing Part Two

Refinished Hallway Floor

After a long weekend of ridiculously amounts of polying the hallway floor, I’m super stoked to reveal the finished hallway floor. Well…kind of finished hallway floor.  There’s still the heating vent to spray paint and put back in the floor.  And then there’s that weirdly, light colored floor section that I want need to sand […]

My Maple Mistake

Maple Wood Staining Variances

Lately, it’s felt like we’ve fallen off the DIY wagon.  It’s been at least a month since I painted anything, our house has been clean…like no dust kind of clean, and it hasn’t stunk like polyurethane.  It’s weird.  And oddly doesn’t feel like home without those things.  But we’re back in the proverbial saddle and […]

How To Install Balusters

Un-Centered-Ness Of Balusters

If there was a tagline to this post in addition to the title it would definitely be “How To Install Balusters…The Angie & Colby Way”.  By no means are we experts or even pretend to be.  We just do what works for us at the time, usually after a little research, hope for the best […]

Ombre Staircase Balusters

Blue Ombre Balusters

It’s Pinterest Challeng reveal day, it’s Pinterest Challenge reveal day, it’s Pinterest Challenge reveal day!  Woo to the hoo bring on all the amazing project-ness! I love Pinterest Challenge reveal day.  Mostly because I tackle one project and add precisely 32 new inspiration pins. As mentioned last week back here, the Pinterest Challenge winter edition […]

Hallway Prep Work

Painted Staircase Trim

As announced last Thursday, back here in this post, it’s Pinterest Challenge time!  Who’s excited?  I’m excited!  And as I announced last week, I was planning on conquering our staircase with a little old baluster painting/installation project (details will be revealed tomorrow so stay tuned).  But before we could get to work on the balusters, […]

Bead Board On The Rise

Nailing In Staircase Riser

It should come as no surprise, but bead board and I are tight.  We’re talking peanut butter and jelly tight, or Monica and Rachel tight, or Ben Affleck and Matt Damon tight.  Yeah…that’s tight all right.  If I could have it my way our whole house would be covered in bead board…bead board ceiling, bead […]

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