• Hardware
  • Pantry Finishing Touches

    Let’s finish this pantry, shall we?!  Well…kind of.  The pantry is signed, sealed, delivered done, fully organized and functional.  But after going through all the photos and photo editing and whatnot, I was left with 30+ pics of “finishing and organizing the pantry”.  Uh…long blog post say what?!  And since I value sleep these days […]

  • How-To
  • Pantry Shelves

    We owe you guys a pantry update.  Like a serious pantry update especially since we finished it this weekend (booyah!) AND organized it this weekend (double booyah!).  But last we left off on this little pantry shelf saga we were just getting around to installing those pull out shelves.  For those of you just joining […]

  • How-To
  • A Pantry Plan And Framing Part 1

    Long time no kitchen talk!  What gives?!  It’s like we’ve been busy celebrating Christmas and New Year’s and an anniversary (Colby and I recently hit the five year mark…dating wise…we haven’t made it that far yet in the marriage department yet…fingers crossed!).  When we last left off in our kitchen remodel, which I’m coining “Operation […]

  • Guest Bedroom
  • Where No Doorknob Has Been Before

    That’s right, we’re going places we have never been before.  We’re blazing a trail, bushwhacking it if you wish, and taking our Etsy office door from doorknob-less: To officially doorknob-ed: Yes, that’s right.  Tonight, we’re learning how to install a doorknob where no doorknob has been before.  This step is long overdue.  What’s it been, […]

  • Guest Bedroom
  • Beaming

    Beaming is what my face should have been doing after installing the faux beams in the Etsy office.  But instead, it was doing the anti-beaming frown because it turned out more like this: I like the beams, they’re great, and they do a fantabulous job of covering up those icky seams between the beadboard panels […]

  • How-To
  • Bead Board Bonanza

    When there’s a will beadboard, there’s a way.  I’ve pretty much figured out how to work beadboard into just about every room in our house.  Seriously…there’s the bathroom ceiling slant, the ceiling slant in our bedroom, the original (and solid wood) beadboard on our porch ceiling, backing our kitchen coat closet, and on the staircase […]

  • Bathroom
  • A Wood Tiled Mirror How To

    Last week, we played the big tease card and revealed to you our absolutely amazing mirror makeover.  It was a builder grade mirror that we gave the little West Elm-ish treatment to and turned it into something like this: But to fully appreciate the mirror makeover, you need to know that it used to look […]

  • How-To
  • Goose Gate: The Next Episode

    And we’re back for the final installment of our fence building extravaganza and this time it’s about the ever important Goose gate.  Since the most important reason for us building a garden fence in our backyard was to keep the dog out of the garden (especially out of the poisonous rhubarb leaves), the fence needed […]

  • How-To
  • Fence Building 101 Part 1

    About time I get around to the fence building post!  Super blogger slacker reporting in for fence building post duty!  We teased the fence building project a week or so ago with our “raised bed building” post back here.  Complete with a teaser photo of that swanky new, built by our own two hands, not […]

  • Bathroom
  • How To Make A Rope Shelf

    So I owe you guys a little tutorial on how we made that rope shelf that we revealed for the Spring Pinterest  Challenge.  And since I don’t like owing things, here she blows.  A full blown tutorial on how we filled that empty wall with a rope/scrap wood/pulley shelf in our bathroom.  I would like […]

  • Bathroom
  • Twine And Rope Wrapped Toothbrush Holder

    So last night I whipped out my glue gun…and made us a little toothbrush holder for our recently refreshed bathroom (you can check out some of the bathroom posts including painting the bathroom mint, finding an old buffet on Craigslist to turn into a vanity, how we hacked the buffet, and then painted it, and […]

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