Insta-Addicted August

August 2013 Instagram

August was Instagram insane folks!  We’re talking Cypress Hill “Insane In The Membrane” kind of insane.  And by insane I really mean ridiculously awesome and full of firsts.  For instance I Instagrammed up my first blogger conference, the first time I met my bloggy buddy Lindsay from Life Of Splendor, the first time I traveled […]

Insta-Addicted July

Colby Trying Something

Earlier this week I was at my home away from home, otherwise known as the black hole that is Target, when I came across the ginormous, it’s-taken-over-half-our-store, back to school section.  Just when I was about to unleash some serious sass on Target for having their back to school stuff out so early I took […]

Insta-Addicted June

June 2013 Instagram

Is it really July?!  Where is our summer creeping off to?  Although, it’s been so cold and rainy here lately (seriously…I think we’ve had three sunny days all June) we’re still waiting for summer to start.  With another month passing us by, it’s that Instagram monthly roundup time where we share with you all our […]

Insta-Addicted May

May 2013 Instagram 3

Lasso your ladies and hog tie your britches, it’s May Instagram round up time!  Apparently I’m a little bit country tonight.  Sometimes I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll too.  I’ve just been listening to way too much Eric Church radio on Pandora than what’s good for me.  I believe the term you’re searching for […]

Insta-Addicted: April

April Instagram 1

Ackkkkk!  How is it May already?  Where did April go?!  Okay…confess…who stole April?!  I’m a little late in getting out the monthly Insta-Addicted post.  I blame our new Etsy shop, Roostic, and it’s lonely little product the iPad stand, which is selling like hot cakes!  We’ve sold eight of them since opening up shop on […]

Insta-Addicted: March

March Instagram With Old iPhone

Prepare for Instagram picture overload.  March was a bit…well…heavy in the Instagram department.  I blame this on two happenings, neither being that I’m Insta-obsessed.  One…we traveled to Puerto Rico where photogenic scenes abound.  And two…I upgraded my iPhone from the 3 to the 4S and consequentially TOTALLY upgraded the camera.  I couldn’t help it…I was […]

Insta-Addicted: February

February Instagram

Hello Instagram monthly roundup time…so nice to see you again.  Before we dive in, I just have to throw this out there.  There was a definite theme going on with our pics…beer.  And I would just like to state for the record that we are NOT alcoholics.  Let’s just say that a cold, snowy February […]

Insta-Addicted: January

January Instagram

First up, before we dive deep into the Instagram goodness (or lack thereof) that was January, I need to thank those of you who voted for our little ol’ blog in The Homies.  I’ve reached my goal…8 votes…so you can all stop voting now.  Just kidding.  Vote away (click here to go vote)!  You have […]

Insta-Addicted: December

December Instagram

It’s time once again for another Instagram photo roundup for those of you who aren’t as Insta-Addicted as I am.  I hereby dedicate this post to my mother who does not know what Instagram or Facebook is and therefore does not see these pictures.  But for those of you who follow me on Instagram, this […]

Insta-Addicted: November

November Instagram

It’s that time again…time for another Instagram roundup.  Every month towards the end of the month, we like to recap all our Instagram images in a big ol’ image roundup of sorts for all of you who don’t have Instagram (that’s you Mom) or don’t follow us on Instagram (but you can remedy that now […]

Insta-Addicted: October

October Instagram Collage

As October is nearing it’s end, it means one thing and one thing only…Halloween is here.  Yes, that and it’s time for another Instagram roundup.  This post is especially for you Mom since I’m pretty sure you don’t know what Instagram is let alone how to do anything on your cellphone other than butt-dial Dad. […]

Insta-Addicted: August & September

September Instagram Collage

For those of you who I’m friends with on Facebook, you may have noticed my latest obsession…Instagram.  It’s like I finally fell off the cabbage truck and came around to figuring out this new little slice of social media goodness.  And like the title of this post imposes, I’m insta-addicted.  For those of you unfamiliar […]

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