Kitchen Renovation: Demo and Details

Kitchen Remodel Gutting

I started writing a post to recap our kitchen renovation before and after at our first house, but after adding 40-ish photos, none of which I felt like I could part with, and 2,000 plus words it needed to be broken up.  Kind of like that couple you love to hate in your favorite 90s […]

A Man Pink Door

Coral Door Hardware

I believe in two kinds of vows when it comes to marriage…the wedding vows that you get up and recite in front of all your friends and family…aka…the pretty vows.  Then there are the real vows.  Colby and I have them.  For instance, Colby vows that if we ever split up, he HAS to take […]

Beam Me Up Colby

Assembled Kitchen Beam Cover

Warning…this post is loooooong!  As in I’m about to tell a few too many bad jokes (ie…a man walked into a bar…ouch…get it?!) and a few too many bad puns (case in point…this post’s title).  So hold onto your britches folks…we’re bringing you the whole kitchen beam shebang today.  Boom….mic drop beam drop. She’s a […]

Magnetic Paint Fail

Chalkboard Wall In Kitchen

Three things for your Monday morning.  One…90s music is SOOOOOO much better than today’s new hits.  I mean c’mon…90s Britney vs today’s Britney?  Or Katy Perry vs the Spice Girls?  No contest.  Two…winter needs to be over with a capital “O”.  But alas…we’re still stuck in single digits and below.  And three…magnetic wall paint is […]

Kris Kross Will Make You “Flop Flop”

Table Flopping

Now that we’ve established that not only will Kris Kross make you “jump jump”, but also “flop flop”, I think we can get along with today’s oh-so-riveting (note the sarcasm) blog post about table flopping.  But before we start, show of hands, how many of you now have that dang Kris Kross song stuck in […]

Pantry Party

Kitchen Pantry Pull Out Shelf Number 3

I’m so mad at Young House Love right now for stealing pretty much the only worthwhile pantry pun out there (you know…pants party/pantry party…Anchorman).  Actually not really, it’s pretty much impossible to get mad at those two Young-Sters!  But they totally trumped me!  Curses!  Next time YHL, next time. So yesterday we revealed our pantry […]

Pantry Finishing Touches

Kitchen Pantry Before And After

Let’s finish this pantry, shall we?!  Well…kind of.  The pantry is signed, sealed, delivered done, fully organized and functional.  But after going through all the photos and photo editing and whatnot, I was left with 30+ pics of “finishing and organizing the pantry”.  Uh…long blog post say what?!  And since I value sleep these days […]

Pantry Shelves

Pull Out Kitchen Pantry Shelves

We owe you guys a pantry update.  Like a serious pantry update especially since we finished it this weekend (booyah!) AND organized it this weekend (double booyah!).  But last we left off on this little pantry shelf saga we were just getting around to installing those pull out shelves.  For those of you just joining […]

Pantry Framing Part Two: The Next Episode

Pantry Framing Part 2

Pantry sides in the hizzah (hizzah = house in Snoop Dog terms because apparently Snoop Dog = Dr. Dre…you know…na na na na na the next episode).  Anyway…we’re here unleashing pantry framing round 2…ding ding ding…after unleashing part 1 on you back here.  So today we’re going to give you run down on how we […]

A Pantry Plan And Framing Part 1

Pantry Framing Part 1

Long time no kitchen talk!  What gives?!  It’s like we’ve been busy celebrating Christmas and New Year’s and an anniversary (Colby and I recently hit the five year mark…dating wise…we haven’t made it that far yet in the marriage department yet…fingers crossed!).  When we last left off in our kitchen remodel, which I’m coining “Operation […]

Expose Yourself

Old Wood Sheathing In Kitchen Post Poly

We’re fans of exposing things around these parts.  Well, let me clarify, exposing old elements of our home (sheesh…get your minds out of the gutter folks….although Colby sometimes…wait…I’m not gonna go here).  So when we last left off on this little ol’ blog of ours, we left with a teaser of sorts and showed you […]

iPad Stand

Kitchen iPad Stand

Let’s just set the record straight…me and Pottery Barn are like peanut butter and jelly.  But Pottery Barn is like the expensive, organic peanut butter and jelly rather than the generic, cheap stuff that I tend to gravitate to.  I’m not sure where I’m going with that.  My point…I love Pottery Barn (it was one […]

The Deal Of The Century

Filtered Water Direct From Refrigerator

A couple weekends ago, Colby and I were out and about doing errands.  Typical DIY-er type errands…off to Target for some dog food, the lumber yard for a door, and Lowes for lock set.  And as we were doing our otherwise mundane errands, the clouds parted, angels sang, and the glorious deal of the century […]

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