• Guest Bedroom
  • DIY Cage Light Fight

    My current obsession these days has been all about the industrial look.  Who would have thunk it?!  Especially since I work full time in industrial distribution.  What I’ve REALLY been jonesing after have been all those gorgeous cage lights.  I love an old school looking, exposed light bulb, and those colorful trouble-light-esque cages surrounding the […]

  • Decorating
  • I Love Lamp

    Let’s just file this post under random purchases for $100 Alex.  Oh…but they changed Jeopardy and there is no longer a $100 category…I rephrase…let’s file this post under random purchases for $200 Alex.  Not that I spent $200…more like $66.48.  Anyway, after returning home from our Puerto Rico adventure, we’re talking immediately after returning home […]

  • Crafty Time
  • Roped It

    The other night, while Colby was away working at a construction show, I decided it was high time for some craftiness.  We’re talking a serious impulse craft project going on here.  I had a mess of leftover rope from the CD crate project and a boring lampshade that was attached to the hallway light fixture […]

  • Light Up My Life
  • Blingy Boob Light

    I love a good photograph.  Especially a well framed photograph.  I’ve become a master of framing my photographs during the craziness that has been our home remodel over the last couple of years.  Typically, just outside the photograph is a giant stack of papers, trash bag full of construction debris, pile of paint cans, and […]

  • Dining Room
  • The Bronzed Medallion

    Since we’ve pretty much neglected the dining room since just before the Christmas season hit us, it’s high time we started back in on that room.  It’s oh so close to done, that is if a room is ever REALLY done, but there are still a few other projects that need to be tackled.  This […]

  • Dining Room
  • Lighting…The Next Episode

    Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah….welcome to the next episode, of new lighting here at Angie’s Roost (and Colby’s hen house….aka casa de Colby & Angie).  We recently added a chandelier to the staircase loft area that you can read about here, a few months ago added a light fixture to the lower hallway which is found here, and my […]

  • Decorating
  • Red Light Special

    Wasn’t that a TLC song….Red Light Special?  Oh TLC how you helped me through some tough times as a seventh grader.  I always stuck to the rivers and the lakes that I was used to.  But seriously…I believe Red Light Special was one of the more prominent songs off their Crazy Sexy Cool album (which […]

  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen Light Project…Check

    So…remember a few days ago when I posted this picture? And I assured you that everything would turn out okay?  And that Colby knew what he was doing? Well…more on that as the story unfolds.  This past Saturday, the painter finally finished her amazingly awesome work on painting the new section above the sink.  Scratch […]

  • Bathroom
  • It’s Electric…Boogie Woogie Woogie

    After one minor electrocution incident from flicking a light switch on, we realized it was finally time to conquer the old wiring.  The vast majority of the house is old knob and tube wiring so as we’ve been working on projects (like the bathroom remodel) we’ve been trying to replace it with modern wiring.  After […]

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