August Monthly Roundup

DIY Anthro Rosette Lamp Shade

This is a slacker blogger alert from your local public address station.  It is October, I repeat, October, but yet we are recapping August’s projects in a little monthly roundup.  At least with a month plus delay in recapping the month in projects and general shenanigans, they all seem a little new and exciting.  You […]

July Monthly Roundup

Etsy Office With Coral Curtains

Well, I guess since September is just around the corner, which means snow season in Maine is just around the corner (yup…I said it…you’re welcome for that happy memory of winters of yore), that it’s about time that I hopped to it and rounded up our July projects and general shenanigans.  Here we go. Rock […]

June Monthly Roundup

Garden Fence

Ummm…about time we got around to the June monthly roundup, huh?  After all, July is almost over.  June kind of got away from me there.  Every month, we like to take a load off all the crazy DIY we tackle to just sit back with our favorite adult beverage, and recap all that we’ve accomplished […]

May Monthly Roundup

I’m officially playing my lazy blogger card tonight…and busting out the May monthly roundup.  This way, I don’t have to go and resize photos and upload them.  That requires too much effort.  Although, pretty much anything that requires removing my butt from the couch tonight requires too much effort.  I told you I was playing […]

April Monthly Roundup

Bathroom Vanity Removal And Priming

I know, I know…I promised a tutorial on how we made the rope shelf for the bathroom, but I used the infamous “ish” as in “I’ll post this tomorrow-ish” so that buys me a little more time, right?!  It’s just been one of those days where I don’t want to spend time in Photoshop…AND the […]

March Monthly Roundup

Benjamin Moore Yellow GreenPaintInSemiGloss

As much as we love powering through a project and making progress, we love taking a little breather here and there to sit back and enjoy the progress we’ve made.  It gets crazy ’round these parts sometimes when paint is flying and mud is slinging and the dog is in the middle of it just […]

February Monthly Roundup

Hula Girl Postcards On Ledges

Oh you sneaky February monthly roundup!  You snuck up on me like a stalker in slippers!  I would say that “I can’t believe February went by so fast,” but of course it did…duh…it’s a short month.  Nobody says “duh” anymore.  I’m bringing it back.  Anyway…Colby and I like to take a moment at the end […]

January Monthly Roundup

Updated Entryway

Once again it’s monthly roundup time and I believe this is the one year anniversary of monthly roundup posts. Awww shucks…and I didn’t even get the monthly roundup a gift. Hmmm…maybe I should have since I forgot to do the monthly roundup at the end of January like I was supposed to. Sorry monthly roundup…I […]

November Monthly Roundup

Writing First Dance Song Lyrics On Picture Mat

It’s hard to believe but another month has come and gone.  Boo for time going by so fast!  So it’s time to take a little time and reflect back on the past month’s worth of projects and recap them for you.  And I love me a good ol’ recap, monthly roundup post since it helps […]

October Monthly Roundup

Boston Score

And it’s October monthly roundup time.  I know, I know.  It seems like just yesterday we were rounding up September and now October has come and gone.  Sniffle sniffle.  Blog posts grow up so fast!  Before we know it they’ll be going off to college and graduating and getting real jobs.  I believe the word […]

September Monthly Roundup

Red Nightstand

I would like to start off this month’s project/post roundup with a little poem. And dedicate it to my dad (the king of random poetry…that makes me the princess, right?!). Another month has come and gone So another roundup comes along It’s full of random project goodness….okay I’m out…I give up…I’m not a poet…poetry fail…sorry […]

August Monthly Roundup

Colby Being Weird

And with joy…absolute, pure joy…I bring you the August monthly roundup.  August was a pretty big month around the roost this year…probably one of the best months of my life.  Why?!  Because (caution…upcoming sky high sappy moment) I married my best friend!  No…not Heather…she’s just the hetero lifemate…Colby and I got hitched!  So I bring […]

July Monthly Roundup

Window Trim & Bead Board

I’m starting to find that the monthly roundup at the end of each month is my favorite post of the month.  Mostly because by the time I reach the end of the month I’m tired and cranky (more so this month from all the wedding and day job related stress).  But then the monthly roundup […]

June Monthly Roundup

Painted Door

Another day…another dollar…another month…another roundup.  And I’m not gonna lie, this month flew by faster than a speeding Goose…I mean bullet.  Although if Goose was running after a squirrel, he may just beat out that bullet.  But seriously, the months seem to be speeding by and June was no exception.  But two weekends in Vermont […]

May Monthly Roundup

My First Swing

And like that, another month has come and gone.  And I’m THIS close to whipping out my magic time stopper thingy and bringing it back to a snail’s pace.  Ever since purchasing the house, renovating it, oh…and getting engaged, it seems like the days, the weeks. and the months just fly right by!  And with […]

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