Cloudy With A Chance Of Guests

Rustic & Masculine Guest Room Mood Board

According to recent forecasts, the outlook for this coming weekend is cloudy with a chance of guests.  Sarcastically fortunate for us, our guest room looks like this: Oh wait…it gets better…here’s the view from another angle: In our defense, the guest room is looking gnarly because our master bedroom closet is under construction.  Technically, it’s […]

Guest Room Remix Refresh

Spray Painted Guest Room Basket

Let’s set the record straight.  We have this room in our house with multiple personality disorder.  It started off as an “office” and then turned into a “craft room”, but when we decided to turn our “then guest room” into an “Etsy office” the “craft room” became the guest room.  So for the record, I’m […]

Bead Board Bonanza

Beadboard In The Office

When there’s a will beadboard, there’s a way.  I’ve pretty much figured out how to work beadboard into just about every room in our house.  Seriously…there’s the bathroom ceiling slant, the ceiling slant in our bedroom, the original (and solid wood) beadboard on our porch ceiling, backing our kitchen coat closet, and on the staircase […]

On Dasher On Dancer On Razor On Vixen

Meet Razor Our Hunter Deer Hook

Okay, I’m squeaking out just one last Christmas related post (and only 25 days late…how ironic).  So here’s the story…not of a lovely lady or a man named Brady…but of a deer wall hook who we named Razor.  He looks like a Razor, right?!  A distant cousin of Vixen…just a bit more rough around the […]

Fern Immersion

Potted Ferns On The Shelf

It’s memory test time.  Ready?!  Do you remember how way back when we decided to use ferns as centerpieces for our wedding?  And made birch bark covered pots with our initials carved into the sides of them?  Here’s a refresher: Well, post wedding we had to figure out what to do with all the ferns. […]

We’ve Been Setup

Moving Into The Craftroom

I was really hoping to be able to give you all a big hallway floor refinishing reveal tonight, but alas, I have none such reveal.  In the history of floor refinishings, this floor has been the most dastardly.  After a solid week’s worth of work this is about how far I’ve come, after a fresh […]

Raising The Bar

Floor Skimming Curtains

The last week or so we’ve had a bunch of epiphany moments.  Like Goose is such a good dog when we run him, dust goes away when you actually dust, and yards are muddy…really muddy in the spring in Maine.  But the most profound epiphany moment was when we asked ourselves, “why should the most […]

Pitchers With A Side Of Table

Wicker Table

So this post is loooooong over due.  So long.  So very very long.  But considering I have little to report in the parlor refinishing project thanks to being out straight stressed/busy at work work and coming down with a weird cold thing, it’s time for some pulling out some oldies.   Thus, I’m catching up on […]

What We’ve Been Up To

Threshold Between Dining Room & Kitchen

And now for an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of what went on in our not-always-so-humble abode during the Christmas season house project moratorium, declared a month ago.  The idea behind the house project moratorium was twofold.  First, we could use a little break from all the crazyness and the mess that often comes with […]

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