• Guest Bedroom
  • Beaming

    Beaming is what my face should have been doing after installing the faux beams in the Etsy office.  But instead, it was doing the anti-beaming frown because it turned out more like this: I like the beams, they’re great, and they do a fantabulous job of covering up those icky seams between the beadboard panels […]

  • Oops Moments
  • The End Of An Era

    Today, we said goodbye to a dear, dear friend.  Someone who has loved us, and cradled us, and given us great peace in life.  It’s been a solid 8 years of love, use and sometimes abuse, and we will sadly miss you.  Rest in peace hammock. I loved that hammock like I love my unborn […]

  • Floored
  • Mayday Mayday

    I’m sending out an international radiotelephone…errrrr…blog signal announcing our distress!  Our floor is peeeeeeeeling!  Our beautiful just finished floor that used to look like this just weeks ago: Is doing this: Those are dog scratches large sections of poly peeling up.  See: Floor poly film in hand.  Oh and did anyone else pick up that […]

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