• Furniture Building
  • Meet Our Rustic Kitchen Island

    Last week we had one of those triumphant moments.  The kind where you feel like Mr. Rocky Balboa at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s lengthy stone stairs, fist pumping and what not, because you accomplished something monumental.  I can hear Eye of the Tiger playing now as I think about that house […]

  • Kitchen
  • Pantry Party

    I’m so mad at Young House Love right now for stealing pretty much the only worthwhile pantry pun out there (you know…pants party/pantry party…Anchorman).  Actually not really, it’s pretty much impossible to get mad at those two Young-Sters!  But they totally trumped me!  Curses!  Next time YHL, next time. So yesterday we revealed our pantry […]

  • Bathroom
  • Vitamin In A Bottle

    Just call me Kevin Costner (circa 1999 when he filmed Message In A Bottle).  Except nix the “message” part and replace with “vitamins”.  And with that, I give you our “vitamin in a bottle” vitamin organization project result. Shortly after installing the first aid cabinet in our bathroom, which was also going to house Colby’s vitamin […]

  • Entryway
  • Entrifical Force

    It’s official…our entry is done!  And done with pizazz, otherwise known as entrifical force.  And an entrifical force our entry certainly is complete with some organization and Nate Berkus accessories.  Bam! Almost knocked you over there, didn’t she?!  I told you the entry is sporting some serious entrifical force.  Last time I say that, I […]

  • Hardware
  • Guitar Hanging

    Tonight’s project is quick and dirty, kind of like…wait….I’m not gonna go there…not tonight.  That’s more like a late night Saturday night post and not a late for a Thursday work night as I’m blogging away and really dreading to wake up and go to the office on Friday morning post.  So anyway…we hung some […]

  • Kitchen
  • Been Hanging Around

    Now I have the Counting Crows song “I’ve Been Hanging Around” stuck in my head.  Sweet (she says sarcastically).  At least it’s a good song that reminds me of my high school days.  On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good thing.  Anyway, we’ve got a new kitchen closet organizer hanging around these days […]

  • Kitchen
  • Take A Peak At My Drawers

    It’s not so much my drawers that you’re gonna get to take a peak at tonight as it’s more like my baskets.  Closet baskets to be more specific.  You thought I meant underwear, didn’t you?!  Silly fools!  Anyway, yesterday we left you hanging Cliff Hanger style and showed you our finished, trimmed up, stained up, […]

  • Decorating
  • Burlap Bags

    One of my favorite “perks” of getting married (other than marrying my best friend…cheese police…cheese police!) is the registry completion discounts.  No joke, those discounts are nice!  Of course I know why the stores have these perks.  The marketing geek in me says that it entices poor brides to spend their wedding money at their […]

  • Organization
  • Where Did That RSVP Go?

    For months, we’ve had stacks of RSVP cards from our wedding sitting around.  They sat around on our desk for awhile, then migrated to the table where they sat around some more, and finally sat for the last time inside a drawer in the parlor office space. But I couldn’t bear the thought of the […]

  • Decorating
  • Remote Storage

    This is one of those small tweaks that we performed a few weeks ago but with all the hoopla going on in the master bedroom remodel, it kind of took the back burner.  It was a quick and easy organizational task that took all of two seconds…remote storage.  We took our remote storage situation from […]

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