The Shrubbery

Chain Saw To Take Down The Evergreen

“First you must find… another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery…”  What?!  We’re talking about shrubbery tonight on the blog so isn’t it a given that we whip out Monty Python quotes?!  Anyway…we owe you an update, or two, or three about the progress we’ve […]

A Pair Of Low Hangers

Garden Lanterns

Sometimes when a girl spends her weekend routing out 300 plus cuts into a mirror frame, she needs tackle a small project to make her actually feel like a productive member of society.  Projects like hanging a pair of garden lanterns from a tree branch. I picked up the lanterns from my favorite local antique […]

Gardening For Dummies

Step 5: Plant Garden

When it comes to gardening, I really don’t know what I’m doing.  It’s pretty pathetic.  Hence today’s “Gardening For Dummies” post.  So for those of you who are gardening pros (or novices since that’s a step up from a gardening dummy like me), feel free to skip on over this post and return tomorrow for […]

Rock On At The Neighbor’s

Granite Removal

In the last couple of years, we’ve really been working hard renovating the inside of our home.  Which left us with a TON of projects and to-do’s left to tackle on the outside of our home.  And the rarely photographed front yard was no exception.  Other than fixing some peeling paint, attaching lattice to the […]

Goose Gate: The Next Episode

Picket Fence Gate

And we’re back for the final installment of our fence building extravaganza and this time it’s about the ever important Goose gate.  Since the most important reason for us building a garden fence in our backyard was to keep the dog out of the garden (especially out of the poisonous rhubarb leaves), the fence needed […]

Fence Building 101 Part 1

Garden Fence

About time I get around to the fence building post!  Super blogger slacker reporting in for fence building post duty!  We teased the fence building project a week or so ago with our “raised bed building” post back here.  Complete with a teaser photo of that swanky new, built by our own two hands, not […]

Under My Um-Ber-Ella Ella Ella

Twenty Dollar Umbrella From Home Depot

Is it sad that I’ve had this post (and subsequent play on a Rihanna hit for the blog post title) planned since October?  Or equally sad that these are the things I remember but can never remember to pay the cell phone bill?  Anyway…so now that Rihanna is officially stuck in your head too, let’s […]

Put A Fork In It Our Roof Is Shingled

Freshly Shingled House

It’s official…we can stick a fork it in.  Our roofing project is done-zo! Instead of “Roofing With The Campbells”, I should have named the series of this post “Roofing With Mr. Campbell, Angie’s Brother, And His Friend Adam While Angie Snapped Pics From The Driveway.”  But that was just too long of a title.  I’m […]

How To Calculate Shingle Quantity

House Shingle Calculations 1

As promised yesterday when I introduced our little “Roofing With The Campbells” series where we’ll be chronicling the task of re-shingling our home, today is the big “How To Calculate Shingle Quantity” post.  And of course what would an epic bloggy series be without an equally epic logo?!  That’s what I thought! Before we could […]

Roofing With The Campbells

Leaking Roof

Colby and I have some big plans coming up in the oh so near future, as in this weekend.  I pretty much gave away the milk for free with the blog post title, so I’m just going to spray it spit it out.  We’re about to shingle our own house.  AND I’m going to blog […]

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