• Outdoor Projects
  • How To Calculate Shingle Quantity

    As promised yesterday when I introduced our little “Roofing With The Campbells” series where we’ll be chronicling the task of re-shingling our home, today is the big “How To Calculate Shingle Quantity” post.  And of course what would an epic bloggy series be without an equally epic logo?!  That’s what I thought! Before we could […]

  • Outdoor Projects
  • Llama Llama Not A Llama

    It’s official, we’ve gone off the deep end, diving head first into crazy town.  We’ve adopted a llama.  It’s not what you think, I swear, it’s just the pet name (haha…bad pun police…bad pun police) we have for these chimney fire pits. And ever since we brought the llama home I can’t stop singing the […]

  • Oops Moments
  • The End Of An Era

    Today, we said goodbye to a dear, dear friend.  Someone who has loved us, and cradled us, and given us great peace in life.  It’s been a solid 8 years of love, use and sometimes abuse, and we will sadly miss you.  Rest in peace hammock. I loved that hammock like I love my unborn […]

  • Outdoor Projects
  • Return Of The Flea Market

    My type A personality is apparently taking a much needed vacation.  I had big plans for doing a “bedroom week” here on the blog to cover all the projects we’ve managed to tackle during our master bedroom renovation.  But today, we took a little trip to the flea market in Searsport, Maine (my favorite flea […]

  • Outdoor Projects
  • Fourth And A Flag

    Holy crazy town Batman!  We were BUSY this weekend and I have so much to update you on.  Between a Pinterest Challenge project and getting oh so close to moving back into our master bedroom there have been some exciting changes going on that I need to update you all on.  But first things first, […]

  • Gardening
  • Firmly Planted

    Bad blogger, bad blogger.  Back on Sunday I update you with a rustic, hand crafted, and virtually free garden trellis and never revealed to you the finished garden product.  For shame!  It must be all this invitation assembly that’s going on.  My brain appears to be fried…or out to lunch.  But anywho…lets get back to […]

  • Gardening
  • Rustic Garden Trellis

    Just about when I decided to start building the ark, the clouds parted and a yellow, glowing orb (more affectionately known as the sun) decided to show it’s face once again, gracing us with its presence.  In other words…it stopped raining and the sun came out to play this weekend.  Since our indoor projects could […]

  • Gardening
  • Hosta La Vista Baby

    Last Sunday was our day of rest.  No demo, no dust, no mess.  Well, no not really.  We did do a little insulation installation and sheet rock hanging.  But we had to take a bit of a fresh air break.  It was way too gorgeous outside not to spend a significant amount of time en […]

  • Gardening
  • Mind Your Peas & Cukes

    Last weekend was absolutely GORE-geous (she says in her best Real Housewives accent) here in Maine.  It has proceeded to pour everyday since then to the point where I’m contemplating building an ark so we can ford the river that flows through our driveway.  Seriously…it’s a matter of time before Goose gets swept down the […]

  • Outdoor Projects
  • Backyard Muddin’

    Here in Maine we have four seasons…kind of…summer is a little short.  These seasons include summer, fall, winter, and mud season.  Spring here is usually disgusting.  While the rest of the country is blooming we’re still fending off snow storms and watching the raging rivers of water flow through our yards.  Although this spring was […]

  • Gardening
  • Puttin’ It To Bed

    As we mentioned WAYYYYYY back here when we were writing up our New Year’s resolutions, we vowed to spend more time outside this summer.  Not only do I plan to hammock so hard this summer, but also tackle a few long, does-it-ever-end yardscaping to-do list.  And even though the temps dipped down to near freezing […]

  • Outdoor Projects
  • Diary of A Deck: Day One

    Day one.  September 30th, 2011.  Seventeen-hundred hours.  The deck demo begins.  The troops (Colby and Angie) are full of excitement and joy as they begin working on their new deck.  The project at hand…demo the old stairs. This task proved much easier than expected with the stairs severely rotted, exposing a safety concern.   One […]

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