Sheers And Shades

Living Room With Shears And Bamboo Blinds

So you remember a week-ish ago when we “played pillows“?  Probably not.  Heck, I almost don’t remember it it’s been so long ago!  Bad blogger…bad bad blogger.  But I have a reason!  Goooooood things are happening around these parts…super good things which I can’t quite spill the beans on everything just yet but come back […]

One-Liner A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Index Card One Line Journal

This post is long overdue, like LOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue.  As in I started this little project on January 1st and am just getting around to finishing it up and posting about it.  Anyway, this post is about one-liners, and not the kind that quirky, overconfident bar fly guys use on poor unsuspecting chicas out for a […]

Two If By Sea

West Elm Vase

As you may or may not have noticed thanks to all those Instagram pics, Colby and I spent a little time in Boston last weekend.  Our primary purpose of the trip was to go down to Fenway and see a Red Sux…I mean…Red Sox game (they  lost in extra innings….booooo) and then to the Sam […]

Bark Art & A Coin

Bark Art In Parlor Frame Gallery

We ended last week by ripping bark off clay pots, bark that I had painstakingly hot glued to the pots and carved the pots with Colby’s and my own initials for our wedding reception centerpieces.  But I managed to salvage one piece of bark and had planned to frame it and add it to the […]

Cur-Tain My Enthusiasm

Measuring Curtain Height Placement

Shortly after the arrival of our new couch (shortly as in we had to have a nap on the couch first…obviously) we put our curtains back up.  And since we’re working on upgrading the living room overall, it was time to update the curtain rods from those basic, costs a buck curtain rods to something […]

Paint Chip Organization

Use Binder Ring To Organize Paint Chips

I needed a quick and easy project this evening for a blog post.  Why?  Because A…my day job is consuming some serious time these days…B…we’ve been mudding/sanding fools upstairs in our master bedroom which is also time consuming (and doesn’t make for exciting posts)…and C…we just returned from our second straight weekend in Vermont.  And […]

Home Anniversary 2 Homepage

As alluded to during yesterday’s Monthly Roundup today is a very special day here at the roost.  Two years ago today, was the day that I closed on my first house!  Happy two-year anniversary to us!  And by us I mean the house and I (and my handyman, boy toy, Colby too).  I can’t believe […]

Flor It

View Of The Parlor From The Dining Room

A couple of weeks ago, I nearly accosted the UPS man as he was coming up the walk with this box: That’s the parlor Flor rug that I ordered (from a couple of weeks ago.  Remember?  From this post way back here?  Where we Photoshoped a bunch of different Flor rugs into our parlor […]

Grand Opening Of The Parlor Art Gallery

The Parlor Gallery

Buy your tickets today…the parlor art gallery is officially open!  And you’re not going to want to miss this grand opening…it’s a doozy!  We’ve got pink flamingos, mice, and deer….oh my!  We finally got the gallery up and love it so, so much!  Especially because it looked like this for so long: That’s the art […]

Art Week: Deer Head Art

Deer Head Silhouette Art

Next up for good ol’ Art Week is a silhouette piece.  I love me a good silhouette.  And Colby…well…he loves him some deer.  The great white hunter is smitten over deer.  Hunting season is officially his favorite season but summer takes a close second.  And since I needed something a little rustic/manly to balance out […]

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