• Bathroom
  • How To Make A Rope Shelf

    So I owe you guys a little tutorial on how we made that rope shelf that we revealed for the Spring Pinterest  Challenge.  And since I don’t like owing things, here she blows.  A full blown tutorial on how we filled that empty wall with a rope/scrap wood/pulley shelf in our bathroom.  I would like […]

  • Bathroom
  • Pull My Rope

    Do you remember the dancing banana/peanut butter jelly time video on YouTube?  Here is a refresher.  That’s what I get stuck in my head every time a Pinterest Challenge rolls around.  Except that it’s more like, “Piiiiin-ter-ist challenge time…piiiiiin-ter-ist challenge time…pin’trst challenge, pin’trst challenge, pin’trst challenge”.  You’re welcome…for getting it stuck in your head too. […]

  • Pinterest Challenge
  • Spring Pinterest Challenge

    Hootie hoo, the clouds have parted, the angels are singing and the Pinterest Challenge is back with a vengeance.  Challenge accepted.  It’s a good day. So our little vitamin storage project has been put on temporary hold (I’ll be back tomorrow to recap it for you) for an announcement from the Pinterest Challenge front.  Basically…it’s […]

  • Art I Heart
  • Livin’ On The Ledge

    Great…now I’ve got Aerosmith stuck in my head (you know…the song…livin’ on the edge?).  But it doesn’t matter because it’s PINTEREST CHALLENGE REVEAL DAY!  Apparently that was deserving of caps. You can check out my Pin-spiration back here, or more like in-decision pin-spiration since I had about a gah-gillion different projects I wanted to tackle…cuz […]

  • Art I Heart
  • You’re My Lobster

    It’s here…the Pinterest Challenge Summer Edition reveal day.  I’m so excited I may just skip! I love the Pinterest Challenge.  Kudos to Katie Bower of Bower Power for starting this little tradition.  I seem to need the kind of motivation that the Pinterest Challenge provides to tackle Pin-spired projects.  Anywho, let’s cut right to the […]

  • Pinterest Challenge
  • Pinterest Challenge Summer Edition 2012

    It’s baaaackkkkkk!  Who’s excited?!  I’m excited!  The Pinterest Challenge is back with a vengeance for another riveting round with the Summer 2012 edition.  Not familiar with the Pinterest Challenge?  Here’s how it works.  Pick a Pinterest pin, something you’ve been dying to tackle.  Then put your own spin on it, blog about it giving credit […]

  • Hallways & Staircase
  • Ombre Staircase Balusters

    It’s Pinterest Challeng reveal day, it’s Pinterest Challenge reveal day, it’s Pinterest Challenge reveal day!  Woo to the hoo bring on all the amazing project-ness! I love Pinterest Challenge reveal day.  Mostly because I tackle one project and add precisely 32 new inspiration pins. As mentioned last week back here, the Pinterest Challenge winter edition […]

  • Pinterest Challenge
  • Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition 2012

    Scrrrreeeerrrrrreeeecccccchhhhhhhhhhhh!  Yup.  That’s how I spell a grinding, squealing, screeching halt.  I asked Colby how to spell a screeching sound to which he responded “S-C-R-E-E-C-H”.  Borrrrrr-ing!  Anywho, I’m sad to announce that art week has come to a grinding, squealing, screeching halt.  Wop wop wop…..  I’ll be back at some point next week to finish […]

  • Art I Heart
  • My Fair Lady & A Light

    Are you ready?  Can you contain yourself?  Are you inching towards the edge of your seat in anticipation for the great big Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition big reveal?! Well, let’s start by revealing which project I chose to tackle as discussed back here.  I chose to do the art project, this one (originally found here): […]

  • Art I Heart
  • The Pinterest Challenge

    To preface my blog post, let me put it out there that I am absolutely addicted to the Young House Love blog.  Sherry is my girl and I enjoy reading her posts very much.  So when she and her homegirl Katie Bower of the Bower Power Blog issued the Pinterest Challenge.  I was all over […]

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