• Construction Knowledge
  • You’re Sill The One

    I started writing this post going into a rousing round of Shania Twain “you’re still the one” lyrics circa 1998 but replacing “still” with “sill” along with a few other choice words, but I didn’t.  You’re welcome.  So now that you have THAT song permanently stuck in your head, let’s talk about our porch reno […]

  • Porch
  • The State Of The Porch Address

    Let’s talk porches.  In particular our front porch which we decided to “remodel” last fall.  And by remodel I mean rip the whole thing apart, expose it to the elements, and put it all back together again Humpty Dumpty style.  Mind you, this was fall…in Maine…and a MAJOR undertaking of a project.  Needless to say, […]

  • Porch
  • We Don’t Have Mistakes Here

    “We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.”  This quote pretty much sums up our whole house project/DIY experience.  The million dollar question, who said that?  C’mon…I know one of you out there in TV land knows this one?  Dad?  I’m counting on you here!  Ok, ok…it’s the great American painter, Bob Ross.  […]

  • Bathroom
  • Virtual Tour Of Our New Pad…Pre Big Mess

    Although we wanted to begin ripping out all things seventies (paneling, vinyl, more paneling, shag carpets, and even more paneling) we took a little time to take some before pictures.  Here are some pics before the mass chaos of demo began!

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