The One Week Challenge

First Round Of Guest Bedroom Makeover

The last three weeks/weekends have been a whirlwind for us.  First there was Chicago for a work conference, then there was a weekend in Connecticut/New York for a baptism, and this past weekend we hosted our first overnight guests, in town for the annual family reunion.  I like to think it was successful…maybe…okay…maybe we’re a […]

A Man Pink Door

Coral Door Hardware

I believe in two kinds of vows when it comes to marriage…the wedding vows that you get up and recite in front of all your friends and family…aka…the pretty vows.  Then there are the real vows.  Colby and I have them.  For instance, Colby vows that if we ever split up, he HAS to take […]

Inspired Design Challenge Week 2: Urban Outfitters

Plant Hangers

Welcome back Inspired Design Challenge followers/readers/general awesome people.  How was your weekend?  Mine was fantabulous…thanks for asking…mostly because we tackled this little Urban Outfitters inspired project: Boom!  New plant hangers for the dining room in your face!  Sorry.  Apparently I get a little excited about plant hangers.  Anywho, this week for the Inspired Design Challenge […]

A Wood Tiled Mirror How To

Wood Tiled Bathroom Mirror

Last week, we played the big tease card and revealed to you our absolutely amazing mirror makeover.  It was a builder grade mirror that we gave the little West Elm-ish treatment to and turned it into something like this: But to fully appreciate the mirror makeover, you need to know that it used to look […]

Builder Grade Boring Turned West Elm-ish Awesome

Wood Tiled Mirror Frame

So I sat down tonight to write up a nice little reveal post/tutorial on how we took our builder grade boring bathroom mirror and DIYed it into this amazingly awesome, West Elm-ish mirror.  It’s totally awesome and one of my favorite projects to date.  But then I realized I took OVER 200 PICTURES over the […]

Weird Things

Old Pet Carrier

I can’t explain, I really can’t, but I’m attracted to odd, bizarre and generally out there items.  Case in point…my latest flea market/antique store find…an old wooden pet carrier. What is wrong with me?!  Seriously!  I think I need an intervention.  I truly need a wooden pet carrier like I need a kick in the […]

Old Box Turned First Aid Cabinet

Add A Wooden Shelf To Wooden Box To Make A Wall Cabinet

So this happened this weekend.  First aid cabinet go boom! Ever since we posted these little pics of the bathroom, after we first painted it a minty green, I knew that I wanted to fill that empty space above the toilet paper holder with a first aid cabinet. So the other day, when I went […]

Been Hanging Around

Scarf Organizer Made From Embroidery Hoops

Now I have the Counting Crows song “I’ve Been Hanging Around” stuck in my head.  Sweet (she says sarcastically).  At least it’s a good song that reminds me of my high school days.  On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good thing.  Anyway, we’ve got a new kitchen closet organizer hanging around these days […]

Operation Eyesore

Red Nightstand In Master Bedroom

Now that I’ve let your eyes rest for a few days from the neon-ness of my good ol’ nightstand (read more about it back here) that’s been with me since high school, you’re ready for the big reveal.  Now you can REALLY appreciate the nightstand’s new “outfit”.  Ta-da: Shiver me timbers…thar she blows!  And it’s […]

Bark Art & A Coin

Bark Art In Parlor Frame Gallery

We ended last week by ripping bark off clay pots, bark that I had painstakingly hot glued to the pots and carved the pots with Colby’s and my own initials for our wedding reception centerpieces.  But I managed to salvage one piece of bark and had planned to frame it and add it to the […]

Fern Immersion

Potted Ferns On The Shelf

It’s memory test time.  Ready?!  Do you remember how way back when we decided to use ferns as centerpieces for our wedding?  And made birch bark covered pots with our initials carved into the sides of them?  Here’s a refresher: Well, post wedding we had to figure out what to do with all the ferns. […]

Back At One

Wedding Date Art From Recycled Table Numbers

Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs sorting through wedding stuff.  Packing up stuff, putting it all away, bring order back into our lives, and most importantly trying to re-purpose leftover wedding paraphernalia.  Everything from house plants to table runner fabrics and even these table numbers. What in the world am I to do with […]

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