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  • 2017 Word Of The Year: Soak It In

    Word Of The Year 2017 Soak It In Featured Image

    I’m just going to throw it out there, resolutions suck. We stick with them for what, two weeks if we’re lucky?!  But I’ve always been drawn to resolutions/goals/lengthy to-do lists/things that keep me on track, even though they never really kept me on track for the full year.  So way back in the day circa […]

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  • 2013 Resolutions

    When I think about resolutions, I can’t help but think of the Jack’s Mannequins song “The Resolution” (listen to it here on YouTube).  Not that the song has anything to do with new year’s resolutions, it’s just a catchy tune with the word “resolution” in it repeated over and over again (I actually think it’s […]

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  • Annual Review 2012

    I’m late.  No, not that kind of late mom!  I know you want grand kids but….not today.  Anyway, I’m late at getting some kind of New Year’s resolution(s) together for the blog, house and life in general.  I’m mulling it over…there may be lists involved since that’s my idea of a good time.  But before […]

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  • 2012 Resolutions

    Now that we’ve properly rung in the new year, Bangor style, it’s time for some resolutions.  For those of you unfamiliar with Bangor, Maine’s NYE tradition, we all trek downtown to see a beach ball covered in Christmas lights thrown from the top of the building on the corner of the square.  Yes, it sounds […]

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