Roofing Tools Of The Trade

Roofing Nailer

It’s official…we are completely done roofing our house.  A few weeks ago we shared with you our “roofing the main part of the house” story where my brother Anthony, his friend Adam, and Colby managed to hammer out (pun 100% intended) re-shingling the main section of the house.  That just left the much smaller porch […]

Put A Fork In It Our Roof Is Shingled

Freshly Shingled House

It’s official…we can stick a fork it in.  Our roofing project is done-zo! Instead of “Roofing With The Campbells”, I should have named the series of this post “Roofing With Mr. Campbell, Angie’s Brother, And His Friend Adam While Angie Snapped Pics From The Driveway.”  But that was just too long of a title.  I’m […]

How To Calculate Shingle Quantity

House Shingle Calculations 1

As promised yesterday when I introduced our little “Roofing With The Campbells” series where we’ll be chronicling the task of re-shingling our home, today is the big “How To Calculate Shingle Quantity” post.  And of course what would an epic bloggy series be without an equally epic logo?!  That’s what I thought! Before we could […]

Roofing With The Campbells

Leaking Roof

Colby and I have some big plans coming up in the oh so near future, as in this weekend.  I pretty much gave away the milk for free with the blog post title, so I’m just going to spray it spit it out.  We’re about to shingle our own house.  AND I’m going to blog […]

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