Russia In Retrospect

Officially Tired

Now that I’ve slept for about four days straight (I cannot confirm or deny that I have pulled a George Costanza and napped for a period of time while at work under my desk) and am no longer falling asleep around 3:00 pm and waking up at 4:00 am, I’m in a much better condition […]

Day 13: Continued

Tired Troops

So where did we leave off?  Hmmm…Hermitage perhaps?  As mentioned previously, we got to see many different exhibits and the art museum is HUGE!  Apparently, if you visit each piece in the museum for less than a minute it would take you over five years to visit everything.  Thus, I’ll leave you with one piece […]

Day 13: Doing The Tourist Thing St. Pete Style

Ball Room

I’m currently sitting in the terminal waiting for our flight so what better time than now to blog post! I’m going to try to catch up as much as possible but we had a big day yesterday (aka…LOTS of photos & fun) so I’m not sure I’m going to make it.  And also, my sincere […]

Day 12: Business In St. Pete

Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce

Today was officially our first and only business day in St. Petersburg.  Unofficially, it was Angie Eats American Day.  I’ll get back to that later, but first, a bit of news from our first business presentation of the day. Our first stop was to the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry where we were […]

Day 11: Da Svidaniya Syktyvkar

Me, Mary & Elena

So this evening…I found an orange in my purse and now I’m seriously missing my “moms”.  It will all make sense in a minute.  I miss my real mom, I haven’t seen her since Christmas.  I miss my work mom, who always feeds me snacks.  And now I miss my Russian mom, who was the […]

Day 10: Business In Syktyvkar

The Market

So…I’m going to try to keep this blog post short since I need to be at the airport in about five hours and up and about in about four.  I’ve actually cut the photos down from the usual 41 photo/post average to about 16 so that’s a start.  Back to today, which was a business […]

Day 9: The Wonderful World of Yb


I will never complain about Maine roads again…I will never complain about Maine roads again…I will never complain about Maine roads again!  So today was the day that we saddled up the bus and had an excursion to Yb, an old community about an hour outside Syktyvkar.  And as I mentioned before…I will NEVER complain […]

Day 8: Komi Republic For Dummies

Syktyvkar Church

FYI….I’m FINALLY caught up!  Today I am actually writing about today.  Yay!  Today was the day I like to Komi Republic for dummies.  We got a crash course on the culture and business of the region and it was day overwhelmingly full of knowledge.  It’s also a day full of pictures.  My camera battery ran […]

Day 7: Hello Syktyvkar

With Mary

FYI…I’m still behind by one day with blog posts and I doubt tonight will be the night that I catch up.  So yesterday afternoon was our arrival in Syktyvkar, which is North  East of Moscow and a 26 hour train ride away.  The second I stepped off the bus it was love at first sight […]

Day 6: Goodbye Moscow

Danger Zone

Day 6 was a pretty light day.  It started with avisit to the Tretyakov Gallery, the oldest and largest collection of Russian art, followed by lunch at a local cafe, followed by our goodbyes to Moscow as we were off by train (a 26 hour train ride to be exact) to Syktyvkar. Our first stop […]

Day 5: The Epilogue

Oh where oh where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, that’s right…Shell.  Our next presenter was Natalia Pyreskina who is an HR manager at Shell.  She stepped us through the recruitment process for Shell oil which seemed relatively similar to recruitment in the United States.  The part I found most interesting was Shell’s 9 Planets […]

Day 5: The Prologue

The Starlite Sign

Today was day 5 and we had another round of business meetings.  Our first stop was Shell Oil, followed by lunch at the Starlite Diner, followed by a marketing meeting with Chicago Prime Steakhouse.  This is a pretty picture from our walk from the metro to the Shell offices: It’s one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters.  […]

Day 4: Glimpse Into Business Russia


I have a little catching up to do…my apologies.  I still need to blog for yesterday, day 4 and today day 5 so bear with me.  I also want to give a big blog world shot out to torturer number one (what?  he called himself that not I) and cat herder extraordinaire John Mahon and […]

Day 3: Speed Tourism

The Appetizers

The theme for day 3 was speed tourism.  We did as many tourist-y type things that you could possibly do along with our tour guide and Moscow resident, Svetlana. I’m forwarning you…this post is SERIOUSLY photo heavy so sit back, relax and enjoy our Russian tourism day. First stop on the list, the Kremlin.  This […]

An Evening In Red Square

Kazan Cathedral

After a brief shower (more on that later) and some power napping, our group was off for a leisurely evening in Red Square, which is adjacent to the Kremlin walls.  We traveled via the metro, which is one of the cleanest and most gorgeous metros I’ve ever seen.  We’re actually touring the metro later so […]

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