Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Rug

Marrakesh Shag Rug From Rugs USA

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear…errrr…rug.  Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair…errrr…bugs?!  That kind of works…emphasis on “kind of”.  But seriously y’all we bought a new rug for our living room and it is soooo fuzzy, cozy and awesome! And so you can fully appreciate the new rug in the above “after” shot, here’s the obligatory “before” […]

A Pair Of Low Hangers

Garden Lanterns

Sometimes when a girl spends her weekend routing out 300 plus cuts into a mirror frame, she needs tackle a small project to make her actually feel like a productive member of society.  Projects like hanging a pair of garden lanterns from a tree branch. I picked up the lanterns from my favorite local antique […]

He Thinks My Tractor Seat Stool’s Sexy

Metal Tractor Seat Stool

When I’m chugging aloooooooong….oh Kenny…Kenny, Kenny, Kenny…you had me at hello.  Okay, I’m done reminiscing about old school Kenny Chesney songs and lyrics, let’s talk about stools!  As many of you Instagram followers of ours may know, the Colb-ster and I took a nice little 8 hour jaunt over to Vermont for an extended weekend […]

Weird Things

Old Pet Carrier

I can’t explain, I really can’t, but I’m attracted to odd, bizarre and generally out there items.  Case in point…my latest flea market/antique store find…an old wooden pet carrier. What is wrong with me?!  Seriously!  I think I need an intervention.  I truly need a wooden pet carrier like I need a kick in the […]

I Wanna Stoop Baby

Industrial Stool Options

Here I go, here I go, here I go again, girls what’s my weakness?!  Stools!  Okay then!  What?!  Can’t a girl start a blog post with a little Salt ‘n Peppa circa 1992 around here?!  Oh well I tried.  Instead, we’re gonna talk about stools.  Just to clarify, the ones that you sit on not […]

Under My Um-Ber-Ella Ella Ella

Twenty Dollar Umbrella From Home Depot

Is it sad that I’ve had this post (and subsequent play on a Rihanna hit for the blog post title) planned since October?  Or equally sad that these are the things I remember but can never remember to pay the cell phone bill?  Anyway…so now that Rihanna is officially stuck in your head too, let’s […]

Flea Quest

Flea Market Style Magazine And Flea Quest Website

I would like to say that I skipped yesterday’s blog post because I was having an unplugged, radio silence day in honor of Earth Day…but that would be a lie.  Nope…I skipped yesterday’s blog post because I got sucked into a Community watching marathon with Colby.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little Troy and […]

Friends Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Goose Loves Squirrels

Since yesterday we started the “long overdue trend” with finally finishing the wooden bookcase that Colby built over a year ago, how about another long overdue switcheroo?!  This time it occurs in the kitchen…and with this sad looking dude. That’s an iPod dock/clock radio.  Colby and I are both big fans of music in the […]

The Deal Of The Century

Filtered Water Direct From Refrigerator

A couple weekends ago, Colby and I were out and about doing errands.  Typical DIY-er type errands…off to Target for some dog food, the lumber yard for a door, and Lowes for lock set.  And as we were doing our otherwise mundane errands, the clouds parted, angels sang, and the glorious deal of the century […]

How Do You Get 105 Snowflakes Into A House

Weaving Fishing Line Through Snowflake

You take off their hats…no…wait…that’s popes in a car.  Hmmmmm…I got it!  Hang them in the windows and the lofty area above the staircase! To add a little Christmas cheer around our house, I took advantage of some dollar store snowflake ornaments and hung them ALL OVER the house.  “Take advantage” is putting it lightly. […]

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