Tying Up Loose Trim

Adding Trim To A Bead Board Ceiling

Starting projects…totally my jam…finishing projects…not so much.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who is a stellar project starter but then lets them kind of fizzle?!  Anywho, I needed to take some “workshop” photos for our shop listing on Scout Mob and our Etsy office space was kind of looking like this: I […]

Out In Trim Force

Nail Baseboards Into Studs

When we last left off in the guest room renovation saga, it looked a little something like this: Walls up, joints mudded, painted ceiling and walls, and freshly installed wide pine flooring.  It was already starting to look better, kind of like Kim Kardashian once she takes off all that makeup.  But what would make […]

Doing Time

Installed Board & Batten In Entry

The board and batten is up people…I repeat…the board and batten is up in the entry.  After a couple of hours worth of installation thanks to the boy toy husband, we officially have a board and batten-ed up entryway.  And I’m not gonna lie, it kind of feels like jail in there…not that I would […]

Window Trimming It Up

Window Trim & Bead Board

Next up on the master bedroom renovation…more affectionately known as the renovation that never ends (not to be confused with the song that never ends)…the window trim.  Colby cruised through the window trim installation and finishing like a mob car chased by the cops.  Before I could snap a solitary picture, the window trim installation […]

I Like It I Love It

Installed Bead Board & Trim

I want some more of it.  I tried…so hard…I can’t rise above it.  Don’t know what it is but those little gals love it.  I like it.  I love it.  I want some more of it.  Bead board, that is.  Now that the Tim McGraw intro is over.  Now that song is stuck in your […]

How To Repair Old Trim

Old Trim & New Trim

We’re just going to keep this little “how to fix old stuff” train right on rolling through.  Yesterday we talked about how to restore old hardware and today we’re going to dive right in and do the how-to-fix-old-trim post.  But first, let’s say hello to our basement dwelling friend, Mr. Einstein, who’s hanging out by […]

A Caulking Time Lapse

Window Trim Closeup: Before

In celebration of having all…I repeat…ALL of the trim caulking done in the parlor, why not a little blog post about it.  So I thought it would be cool to do a time lapse video of how big of a difference caulking trim makes in an old house, more specifically a really old house sporting […]

Primed & Proper Parlor Trim

Painted Parlor Trim Looking Into The Living Room

The parlor trim is officially primed…well kind of…there are two newly installed pieces of trim that need to be primed.  While Colby was away last weekend, Angie played…with paint that is.  Not only was I able to knock out all the painting of the walls, I was also able to put a couple coats of […]

Bead Board On The Rise

Nailing In Staircase Riser

It should come as no surprise, but bead board and I are tight.  We’re talking peanut butter and jelly tight, or Monica and Rachel tight, or Ben Affleck and Matt Damon tight.  Yeah…that’s tight all right.  If I could have it my way our whole house would be covered in bead board…bead board ceiling, bead […]

476 Nails In The Wall

Dining Room Window Trim

Four hundred and seventy six nails in the wall, four hundred and seventy six nails, punch one through, fill it with glue, four hundred and seventy five nails int the wall, four hundred and seventy five nails, punch one through, fill it with glue, four hundred and seventy four nails in the wall…….I could go […]

Evolution of the Window Trim

Floor To Ceiling Window Trim

This is the dining room window…bare…naked…plain jane: We bought it back in June, installed it, and now we’re gonna talk about its new accessories!  And by accessories I mean window trim.  We had big plans for the dining room window trim inspired by our old digs.  Colby and I used to rent an apartment in […]

Hallway Trim…Check

Goose Sitting Pretty on A Mud Bucket

This weekend, it felt like we were making real progress on house projects.  We were checking things off the list left and right and it felt sooooo good!  True to form, I also had to add things to list so we still had a nice long list, and plenty of things to check off, just […]

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