• Dining Room
  • Dining Room Painting And Planning

    Dining Room Painted Benjamin Moore White Dove

    I feel like kind of a jerk talking about our dining room makeover and the plans for that makeover (which is tonight’s long overdue blog post topic).  For our friends and family who have been to our house recently, like at Sunday’s Super Bowl fete, you know where we stand in this makeover process and […]

  • Furniture Makeovers
  • Media Cabinet Remix

    Muddy Green Painted Media Cabinet In A Living Room

    Alas, football has returned to my life.  And with football comes two things…one Fantasy Football.  I’m hooked and especially fond of beating my husband in Campbell vs. Campbell the third installment in just a few weeks.  Second…also comes the return of blogging and writing more.  There is nothing I enjoy more than parking my butt […]

  • Shenanigans
  • Ooops I Did It Again

    Shifting Styles

    I’m pretty certain I’ve used my favorite Britney song (Ooops…I Did It Again) as a blog post title once before but alas, a Google search failed to unearth such musings.  How appropriate for the first post title after a nearly two month hiatus…after a previous two month hiatus earlier this year.  Let’s just say, steady […]

  • Insta-Addicted
  • Insta-Addicted May

    May 2013 Instagram 3

    Lasso your ladies and hog tie your britches, it’s May Instagram round up time!  Apparently I’m a little bit country tonight.  Sometimes I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll too.  I’ve just been listening to way too much Eric Church radio on Pandora than what’s good for me.  I believe the term you’re searching for […]

  • Uncategorized
  • December Monthly Roundup

    Blue Paint

    Ahhh December…we bid you adieu.  I love December and all the holiday celebrations that go with it, but I’m not gonna lie, I also like the quietness that comes with January.  But looking back on December it was filled with lots of projects (and Christmas decorations) and lucky for you we’re gonna recap them all […]

  • Insta-Addicted
  • Insta-Addicted: December

    December Instagram

    It’s time once again for another Instagram photo roundup for those of you who aren’t as Insta-Addicted as I am.  I hereby dedicate this post to my mother who does not know what Instagram or Facebook is and therefore does not see these pictures.  But for those of you who follow me on Instagram, this […]

  • How-To
  • How To Shingle A Roof

    Securing Shingle With Roofing Nails

    Hold on to your britches folks, this post is gonna be a doozy!  That is if you define doozy by using 34 pictures to illustrate how to shingle a roof. As I mentioned in yesterday’s “Roofing Tools Of The Trade” post, we finally finished shingling our porch roof.  And, of the three roofs going on with […]

  • Master Bedroom
  • Two If By Sea

    West Elm Vase

    As you may or may not have noticed thanks to all those Instagram pics, Colby and I spent a little time in Boston last weekend.  Our primary purpose of the trip was to go down to Fenway and see a Red Sux…I mean…Red Sox game (they  lost in extra innings….booooo) and then to the Sam […]

  • Decorating
  • Pillow Panache

    Coral Pillow For Master Bedroom

    I have been planning this blog post…well more like the blog title…for nearly two years now.  I always wanted to do a blog post about throw pillows and call it “Pillow Panache” ever since I was running to some rap tunes (weird…I know) and this song came on and rapped about “that girl’s got panache” […]

  • Cleaning
  • Washer Dryer In Da Houzzzzz

    New Washer & Dryer

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you just get all tied up in knots?  Or your laundry does? Yeah, that happened.  And that was after I spent about an hour cutting away at some of the knots.  Those are the table runners from our wedding that I had sent through the washing […]

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