• Bathroom
  • First Floor Bathroom Design Plan

    A couple years ago, when Colby and I decided to move from our rather metropolitan location in Maine to rural Vermont (rural as in the nearest Target is an hour and a half away), I was super nervous.  At the time, I thought I NEEDED my weekly (okay bi-weekly…or more) Target runs and it was […]

  • Design Plans
  • Mourning The Death Of A Closet Plan

    Master walkin closet design plan with denim upholstered chair

    It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so let’s do a little recap of where we left things and what we’ve been up to this summer, shall we?!  Before we get into the closet plan.  Ever since we finished our guest bathroom renovation, we’ve kind of been laying low in the DIY department.  We […]

  • Decorating
  • Living Room Moving, Shaking, and Painting

    Light blue living room with gray couch and bohemian accents

    Look for the blue moon, folks, look who is posting two blog posts in one week!  Don’t get used to it…although…I’m aiming to write more so maybe you should get used to it.  I have so…many…projects…done..that just need photographing and writing up.  Plus, I still have yet to finish all the before/after posts from our […]

  • Dining Room
  • Dining Room Painting And Planning

    I feel like kind of a jerk talking about our dining room makeover and the plans for that makeover (which is tonight’s long overdue blog post topic).  For our friends and family who have been to our house recently, like at Sunday’s Super Bowl fete, you know where we stand in this makeover process and […]

  • Furniture Makeovers
  • Media Cabinet Remix

    Alas, football has returned to my life.  And with football comes two things…one Fantasy Football.  I’m hooked and especially fond of beating my husband in Campbell vs. Campbell the third installment in just a few weeks.  Second…also comes the return of blogging and writing more.  There is nothing I enjoy more than parking my butt […]

  • Living Room
  • One Direction – The Living Room Plan Not The Boy Band

    It’s been a house project zoo in these parts lately.  From tree chopping to weeding to house painting to light fixture replacing to rodent remediation to making over an entire room in one week (more on that another day).  And the junking…oh the fabulous junking and picking in Vermont!  I haven’t met a flea market […]

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