Our Come Back Song

Remodeled Rustic Kitchen

In the infamous words of Darius Rucker, this is our “bad, come back song”.  I know.  We’ve been MIA here on the good ol’ blog in the worst way and we’re sorry…kind of…but kind of not because we’ve been through alot!  In a good way.  So what have we been up to?  The reader’s digest […]

A Weekend Away At The LCI

Fishing At The LCI

We ran away.  Just for the weekend, but still we ran away, and we just returned home.  We packed up the good ol’ truck and trekked the 6.5 hrs from our neck of the woods in Maine to Button Bay on Lake Champlain for the annual Lake Champlain International fishing derby.  Colby’s family has participated […]

Hurricane Irene…One Angry Chick

There's a Truck Under There

As I mentioned yesterday in the Ski Map Art post, hurricane Irene made its way to Maine this past weekend and she is one angry chick!  Even though we’re about 45 minutes to an hour from the coast, we still experienced some ridiculous rain and even more ridiculous wind.  We were lucky and only lost […]

Goose Learns To Swim

He Jumped In All By Himself

A few weeks ago, Goose had his first swimming experience in a small stream in Vermont and he hasn’t been back in the water since.  Goose and water do not go well together!  Here’s the scoop.  We started wading across the stream leaving Goose on the shore by himself, his second most least favorite thing […]

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